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A Scraper is a Unitologist enemy that appears in Dead Space 3: Awakened. They are the remnants of the Circle members who worshipped the Brethren Moons as part of their new religion.


Scrapers are insane Unitologists wearing a sack over their heads, armed with two crude claw-like contraptions grafted onto what remains of their arms. Their bodies are riddled with bloody gashes, scars and ritualistic markings, which hints at self-mutilation.


After Jacob Danik died, most of the members lost hope in the cause. However, one Circle member, convinced by a "vision" from the Brethren Moons, decided that Convergence was not at an end. He rallied up some of his supporters and gave offerings (various limbs, including their hands) to the Moons. Those who wanted no part in this were either killed or captured to have their limbs "offered" to the Moons.

The Scrapers were only encountered on the CMS Terra Nova and it is unknown what happened to the rest of the members after the Cult Leader was defeated and the ship shocked into Earth space. It is ambiguous how many Scrapers really existed; dozens of Scrapers were mentioned by Randall Carr and fought in hallucinations. However, out of the hallucination sequences, merely four real Scrapers were encountered. It is possible that only this very small number of people actually joined the new cult and Randall Carr was fooled by hallucinations as well. If more Scrapers existed aboard the Terra Nova, presumably some of them died with the blast that took place near the engine.


  • There are two hallucination sequences where the player is attacked by numerous Scrapers. The Scrapers seem to share the same animations and most of the A.I from the Feeders, as they use Feeder tactics and swarm Isaac and Carver while imitating the movements of Slashers.
    • Beware that both hallucination sequences initiate right after a scene with the Cult Leader surrounded by numerous Scrapers.
    • Other than in the hallucinations, merely four Scrapers are encountered and they can be easily dispatched. The lone Scrapers are so little of a threat that the player doesn't even need to kill them.
  • Like Feeders, automatic weapons like the Military Engine and the Survey Charge fare very well against them in combat. Scrapers are surprisingly vulnerable against Hydraulic Engine-based tools, as they pause briefly before attacking, giving Isaac and Carver chance to slash/smash them into submission.
  • Tools that can deal damage in a wide area (Diffraction Torus, Conic Dispersal,...) also excel against groups. If playing on Casual or Normal difficulty, a Scraper will die from a single shot, regardless of wherever the shot landed on his body.
  • Contrary to the Necromorphs, using Kinesis to throw objects at the Scrapers will easily knock them off their feet. They suffer greatly from physical impacts, showing that they are still human beings.