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Seeker Shells are specially designed bullets, used in conjunction with the Seeker Rifle, that seem to be of a higher caliber.


They can be found in clips of five, and can stack in the inventory in groups of 15. Not unlike the Pulse Rifle, the Seeker rifle is one of the few military weapons available in game, designed for long to medium range attacks.

The primary use for the Seeker Rifle is to dispatch enemies over great distances, as it allows for swift, non-dismembering kills even on harder difficulties in exchange for slow firing and reload speeds.


  • The Patrol Seeker Rifle, a variant of the Seeker Rifle, can be found in Gabe Weller's inventory at the beginning of Dead Space 2: Severed, which allows for a higher firing speed and a faster reload. This weapon can also be used by Isaac in the base game after Severed is completed.