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"An extremely rare electrical component."
—Basic description of Semiconductors in Dead Space's inventory.

Semiconductors are found throughout Dead Space, Dead Space 2 and Dead Space (2023). They are valuable computer hardware pieces that have no purpose to Isaac Clarke except to be sold at the Store for credits. The Semiconductors themselves are simply used to upgrade the processing capabilities of computational systems. There are four types of Semiconductors, with their credit value depending on the material of their construction. Each Semiconductor takes up a single inventory slot, and they do not stack.

In Dead Space 3, their purpose and look are changed, as they are now a resource that drops from enemies and can be found in lockers and other places. They can be used to craft weapons and upgrade RIGs.

Types of Semiconductors[]

  • Bronze Semiconductors are worth 1,000 credits. Bronze Semiconductors can spawn randomly in the Node-locked door rooms. This type can be considered as useless because of their low Credit value. While using lower inventory RIGs, the inventory slot should be saved for more useful items. This item appears only in Dead Space 2.
  • Gold Semiconductors are worth 3,000 credits. This type like the Bronze Semiconductor, is usually found in Node-locked door rooms. They are also very easy to find after defeating bosses (such as the Tripod).
  • Ruby Semiconductors can be sold at the store for 10,000 credits. Ruby Semiconductors are less common than Gold Semiconductors, and are usually dropped by powerful enemies like Guardians, The Nest, and Brutes.
  • Diamond Semiconductors are the rarest and most expensive of the four semiconductors. They sell for 25,000 credits in stores. They are dropped by very powerful enemies, like Enhanced Brutes.


  • Semiconductors in the Dead Space franchise are not actual semiconductors, but instead are printed circuit boards made from different Materials.
  • It should be noted that all semiconductors are branded with the CEC logo, indicating that they manufacture electronics in addition to mining.


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