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Commander Sergenko was serving as a commander on the USG O'Bannon. His true purpose on Aegis VII was to look for the pieces of the Red Marker.

Events during Dead Space: Aftermath[]

After he and his team landed on Aegis VII, he had them split up to cover more ground while remaining within radio contact. They eventually regrouped when the planet became too unstable. He was the first to notice the Marker fragment in Nikolas Kuttner's hand, but was unable to take it before Kuttner's outburst which caused the death of Noah Pawling.

He was unable to make it back to the ship as he stopped when Rin died. He was surrounded by the lava when the ground suddenly shifted, burning him alive soon after throwing the shard to Alejandro Borges.


  • Oddly, Sergenko stood completely still as he was burned alive.
  • Sergenko's name could be based off the Russian surname "Sergienko"(Сергиенко) This is fitting considering his Russian accent.