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"You gotta be kidding me. They want us to hunt down and kill somebody in this mess?"
—Gabe to Bartlett

Chapter 1 is the first chapter in the Dead Space 2: Severed DLC. The chapter revisits the Titan Mines and Titan Memorial Medical Center.


Gabe Weller must escape from the Titan Mines in order to reach his wife, Lexine, before the Necromorphs or Victor Bartlett can find her.


During a sweep of the Titan Mines, the Alpha and Bravo teams of the station's Security Forces are slowly wiped out by the Necromorph that lurk down below. During their escape their evacuation site is compromised and soon, only Gabe, Colin Price and his commanding officer, Colonel Bartlett, remain as the sole survivors. Low on health, Gabe finds a safe place to hide and contacts the Medical Center for Lexine; he overrides a momentary blockade by a nurse using the serial number for Lexine's RIG.

He manages to successfully make contact with her as she receives the results of her fertility examination. Wasting no time, Gabe warns of her coming danger and urges her reach their shuttle before it's too late. He loses contact with Lexine as the hospital's quarantine procedures are tripped. As he makes his way to the exit, Gabe is contacted by Bartlett and is similarly urged to make his way to safety and get out of the mines.

Gabe asks Bartlett to look after Lexine in the eventuality of his death and heads for the exit. Outside of the tunnels, Gabe encounters Private Colin Price, a member of his team that managed to escape the tunnels, but not unscathed. Shortly after his escape he tried to lock the Necromorph down in the tunnels before realizing they could use the vents. In the process of his escape, he cut his leg. Unable to move as fast as he would like, Price demands Gabe help him. Moments later, Price is ambushed by an Infector. Gabe arrives to the top of the control center too late to help his subordinate and is forced to kill him once he transforms into a Twitcher.

Afterward, Gabe manually overrides the lockdown by Price and heads for the lift. On the way to the surface Gabe overheads the order to terminate “key subjects” from Director Hans Tiedemann and balks at the idea of an assassination mission; Gabe demands clarification from Bartlett, desperate to reach Lexine. Instead, Bartlett overrides the orders and tells Gabe to meet him on the surface; he’ll take him to Lexine in a shuttle. As the lift descends, it breaks down and sends Gabe plummeting down to an apparent death. However the lift snags on something, abruptly ending its descent and sending Gabe over the edge.

Dangling from his leg by a rope or wire, he fends off a swarm of Necromorphs long enough to escape before the doors trap him outside the facility. Out of danger for now, he contacts Lexine on her progress; Lexine is relieved to hear him, but tells him she can’t reach the shuttle where she is. He loses contact with her when she is seemingly bombarded by a stampeding crowd. Gabe encounters another lockdown and systematically overrides the locks in between battles.

When he finally reaches the surface, he is attacked by an EarthGov Gunship. Despite his hails, the Gunship continues to attack him. Bartlett contacts him with an apology, determined to follow his orders. Bartlett continues to attack until Gabe damages the ship with several explosive volleys. With his ship damaged, Bartlett makes an emergency landing; Gabe demands to know why he was fired upon. Bartlett reveals Lexine is one of the subjects under Tiedemann’s termination orders; something he knew would result in Gabe’s retaliation. Gabe threatens Bartlett to stay away from Lexine, but Bartlett is determined to carry out his orders.

As Gabe arrives at Titan Memorial, he contacts Lexine and warns of the approaching danger. Heeding his words, Lexine hides in the psych ward and waits for Gabe’s arrival.


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  • Severed marks the return of Gabe Weller and Lexine Murdoch since Dead Space: Extraction.
  • Colin Price's death is a scripted event; no matter what the player does he will die.
  • This is the second and last time players must fight an Earth Gov gunship.
  • A Flamethrower can be found and aquired with out using a store. It is laying next to a body on the floor infront of the first door in the chapter (similar to the first Plasma Cutter in Dead Space).