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Sharpshooter Suit
Sharpshootert suit DS3
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The Sharpshooter Suit is a RIG suit in Dead Space 3. It is a reskin of the Legionary Suit, acquired by purchasing either the Sharpshooter DLC, or the Tau Volantis Survival Kit DLC. Both DLCs include the suit's matching weapon, the SMP-90 Sharpshooter.

The Sharpshooter Suit, like all DLC RIGs, is available from the first Suit Kiosk on the CMS Roanoke.


"Designed for S.C.A.F.'s UN14 Special Ops Division; features high-impact armor for maximum protection and the "No Retreat" motto of the UN14 troops."
—Suit Kiosk descriptionThe Sharpshooter suit is a reskin of the stock Legionary suit with a black-and-dark green color scheme. The helmet is painted a crisp white/silver paint job while the face area is colored crimson with a thin white line at the center which creates the image of the head of a snake.

Carver's variant of the suit is based on the Elite Suit's design, and as such has two pauldrons bearing the S.C.A.F. (Sovereign Colonies Armed Forces) logo with the "Born to Kill" motto inscribed underneath it.

Though the suit's description implies it is more heavily armored than others, this does not provide any gameplay bonuses and is purely aesthetic.

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