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Shockring 001

A ShockRing as seen in Dead Space: Salvage.

A ShockRing is type of device used in Faster-than-light travel.[1][2]


Large and circular in their design, ShockRings act as a booster for the ShockPoint Drive during travel, allowing spaceships and shuttles to travel between the void of shockspace. In order to activate a ShockRing, a ship or shuttle should have a Shock-Gate - transmission codes that activate ShockRings.[2]

Once activated, the ShockRing creates an event horizon that allows a vessel to travel through shockspace towards its desired destination.[1] ShockRings are used by miners, such as the Magpies, Government and commercial vessels.


  • Despite their implied commonality, ShockRings are never used in the core Dead Space games.
  • During the events of Dead Space: Salvage, the Magpies use a ShockRing to transport eggs (clumps of minerals) to their Nest (a large storage ship).