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The Shockpoint Advanced Suit is a suit included in the Hazard Pack DLC, along with the Hazard Engineering Suit and the Triage Security Suit


Being a DLC suit, it will cost 0 Credits and is available at any Store. It gives a minimum of 15 inventory slots and 15% armor, retaining the highest upgrade of armor and inventory. While a better suit during the early stages of the game, once the default Advanced Suit is acquired, the Shockpoint Advanced Suit quickly becomes obsolete. This is because the standard suit offers the player a Stasis recharge time reduction of a whopping 50%.


The Shockpoint Advanced Suit is a palette swap of the original Advanced Suit, with mustard yellow face plate, legs, groin and holoprojector, while the forearms and body is light blue.


  • The Advance Suit-based design, along with the color scheme makes this suit greatly resembles Grey Fox's Exoskeleton from the videogame Metal Gear Solid.
  • Since this suit appears to be an inferior version of the normal Advanced Suit, having lesser improvements of the same stats, then it may have been a prototype of the Advanced Suit.
  • The normal Advanced Suit is used by elite combat teams. Judging from its name and stats, the Shockpoint Suit may be used by the ship pilots of those combat teams, who see less action, and therefore, need less armor.