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The Skewer is a weapon that appears in Dead Space 3. The weapon can be found at a Bench after being awarded through the Slim Jim Every Code Wins promotion.


The Skewer is a modified Javelin Gun that can pin Necromorphs into ice or rock. Soldiers on Tau Volantis call this method "Necro Kebab."

Note: Despite the description, play tests found no evidence that it can pin Necromorphs.


There is no blueprint for this weapon.

Technical Specifications[]


The Skewer has a higher rate of fire and less damage per shot (still sufficient to remove any Necromorph limb with one hit on Hard difficulty) than the Javelin Gun.

Upper Tool[]

The upper tool of the Skewer consists of a Telemetry Spike with a Skewer Tip.

Lower Tool[]

The Skewer does not come with a lower tool.