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When the massive Planet Cracker ships rip up tectonic loads and harvest asteroids, it is the first step in the process to extract the valuable ores within. Tectonic chunks and asteroids are towed to the ship's immense holding bays, where they are held in place by Gravity Tethers while teams of Miners armed with Plasma Cutters slice into the rock and smash into the stone with Contact Beams. The separated rock is then fed into the processing systems.

Asteroids are held in special collars with half-loop mining rakes that use streams of concentrated plasma and bladed teeth to melt and tear chunks out of the mineral rich areas while gravity beams draw the newly loosened rocks into furnace tubes where the ores are melted out of the rock and collected. Other chunks are sent through razor sharp grinders and brought back to the smelting furnaces. The newly released metals and minerals are formed into huge Ingots and cubes and transported to the cargo bay to be stored. The process can be partially witnessed during Chapter 7: Into the Void.

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