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The Soldier Suit is a suit unlocked by completing Hard Core Mode. Presumably, it is the standard wear and gear utilized and worn by members of an EarthGov colony's local armed force.


The Soldier Suit has a total of 25 inventory slots and 25% damage resistance. When equipped, the suit provides a 10% damage bonus for the Seeker Rifle.


The suit is composed of several armor plates (cuirass, greaves, poleyns, vambraces, brassards), a fully head-encapsulating combat helmet, a thick, hermetically sealed, protective bodysuit, and a military-grade duty belt bearing miscellaneous equipment; as well, pouches and other load-bearing features are included. The helmet and armor are covered in a digital camouflage pattern, composed of black and dark grey pixels imposed on a light grey background, while the bodysuit is predominantly black with a protective olive green under-vest and padding. The shoulder pads and back right of the helmet bear a logo featuring a red circle with white stripes indicating rank and the words "COLONY ARMED FORCE". The neck brace bears two red lines on either side, and the RIG bears a fading 74 with "COLONY ARMED FORCE" above. The right thigh plate also features a 74, but it is not fading and does not have "COLONY ARMED FORCE" above or under it.