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The Solid Viral White Suit, also known as the Prima Games Security Suit, is an unlockable Viral Suit in Dead Space 2 Multiplayer and can unlocked by killing the human player actively wearing the suit while playing as a Necromorph.


The Solid Viral White Suit has white accents all around the helmet, most notably on the forehead of the helmet and the sides. The body and leg armor is mainly white, while the undersuit is completely black with gray accents. This suit, like all other Security Suit variants, has ammo pouches on the waist which are purely cosmetic.


  • This suit was originally worn by Prima Games officials and employees.
  • Like all Dead Space 2 Multiplayer suits, this suit is missing it's front inventory projector. 
  • The suit is identical to the developer suit worn by Steve Papoutsis, titled "papoutsis" in the game files.