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Sonita Henry (born January 23, 1977) is a British actress who portrays Ellie Langford in Dead Space 2 and Dead Space 3.


Henry was born and raised in Dover, England. After earning her degree in Journalism, she moved with her family to New York City where she attended acting school at the Herber Bergoff Studio to join the ranks of famous alumni as Parker Posey. A woman of many trades, she also worked as an interior designer's assistant before renting an SUV and driving cross-country to Los Angeles to pursue her dreams of becoming an actor. She initially worked on many independent films eventually making her way into more mainstream media.


  • Sonita Henry, Iyari Limon, and Jesse Head have all acted in Without a Trace.
  • In addition to Without a Trace, Sonita and Jesse have also been in Cold Case and NCIS.
  • Keith Szarabajka and Sunil Malhotra, in addition to Sonita and Jesse, have all appeared in Cold Case.
  • Kelly Hu also guest starred in NCIS, the same as Henry and Head.
  • Sonita Henry and Gwendoline Yeo have both acted in Chuck.
  • Sonita Henry has had a minor role in the most recent Star Trek movie.
  • Henry is an avid skydiver.
  • She actively helps charities.


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