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This is Sorenson, Shift 2! Kaleb, what's going on?! Dead bodies are chasing us! Dead bodies I recognize! It's fucking Shift 4!

Sorenson was a C.E.C. worker and was part of Shift 2 on the Sprawl. Along with the survivors from his shift, Ellie and Kaleb, he was trying to escape the Sprawl.

Numerous audio logs from Soreson are found scattered around the C.E.C. Facility, suggesting that he was leading a group of survivors just like Kaleb. However, unlike Kaleb, there is also an audio log from him found at the Titan Heights, near the shuttles leaving during Chapter 2. This implies that Soreson may have made it out of the Sprawl, or at least, that he managed to get out of the C.E.C. Facility alive.