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The Sovereign Colonies Armed Forces Science Division was the scientific arm of the Sovereign Colonies, responsible for conducting the government's Marker-related experiments.

In the late 23rd century, the Science Division was responsible for the creation of the Red Markers 1A, 2A and 3A, copies that were "grown" after extensive research on the original Black Marker found on Earth.[1][2] The study of these copies was conducted on remote planets such as Aegis VII, Aspera and Kreemar.[3]

Tau Volantis Expedition[]

DS3 Specimen Exterior Concept

One of the SCAF Science Division's research buildings on Tau Volantis.

From 2311 to 2314, the Science Division, led by Dr. Earl Serrano, participated in the S.C.A.F.'s expedition to Tau Volantis in the hopes of discovering the source of the limitless energy emanating from the Markers.[1][2] Their headquarters on the frozen planet was Facility Two, on top of the mountain inside which the Alien Machine was situated. This Machine had been located by the Science Division following signal-tracking experiments conducted on gigantic frozen Nexus Necromorph specimens.[4][5]

DS3 Soveriegn Colonies 11

The Science Division's Biology Building at Facility Two on Tau Volantis.

After setting up their headquarters, the Science Division focused on researching the aliens found on Tau Volantis,[6][7] but studied the Necromorphs as well.[8][9] They were able to use a dead alien codenamed "Rosetta" and constructed a Codex,[10] a key to reactivating the Machine and destroying the Necromorph Moon orbiting Tau Volantis once and for all. However, their plans were foiled as the Scenario Five execution order was commenced along with the ongoing Necromorph outbreak.[11][12]