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Special Forces Suit
Special forces carver DS3
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The Special Forces Suit is a unique suit in Dead Space 3, available only to John Carver. His NPC version uses it throughout the game and its expansion.


The Special Forces Suit is John Carver's combat armor and is seen worn exclusively by him. It features black military-grade arm guards, gauntlets, vambraces, leggings and a cuirass with a red underlayer along with a skeletal-looking helmet that emits a red glow from its view ports.

On the right pauldron of the suit is the logo of the USM Eudora, which suggests that Carver is of a special unit assigned to the ship. On the backplates of the suit, Carver's name and RIG number is painted in small text along the health line, while an EarthGov logo is seen printed on the armor's left armlet. Various pouches and pockets are attached to the suit's waist and legs, probably for ammunition and resources's storage.

This suit, like all RIG variants worn by Carver, features a dark blue health line.

The Special Forces Suit, like all suits in Dead Space 3, does not confer any special bonuses to gameplay whatsoever.


  • Carver is seen wearing this suit as early as his deployment on Uxor during the events of Dead Space: Liberation. Unlike Isaac's Hacker Suit, which is only used as a placeholder until it was eventually replaced, the player can re-equip the Special Forces Suit at any Suit Kiosk found in the game.
  • Like Isaac's Arctic Survival Suit, Carver is seen wearing this RIG in all Dead Space 3 promotional media and advertisements.
  • Its design is similar to that of an Advanced Soldier RIG seen in Dead Space, most notably the skeletal-looking helmet.
  • Despite sporting a USM Eudora patch, no other copies of this suit are seen on board the Eudora and no other crew members wear it.

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