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The Split-Face is a Necromorph form encountered by Michael Altman in B.K. Evenson's novel Dead Space: Martyr.


During Altman's first encounter with the creature, the Split-Face was described as having two heads, seven blade-like legs, a yellow and black pustule-like tumor on its underside with a body composed of human torsos. In another encounter, the creature appears to sport an additional head and its body now covered with spikes.

The creature exhibits common behaviors found in certain special Necromorphs; it can launch its head after its prey like the Divider's body parts, launching the spikes on its back like a Lurker would with its barb tentacles, and cause its yellow and black-pustule tumor to explode like an Exploder's pustule.

The Split-Face, while vulnerable to dismemberment, did not suffer from any fatal injury until the pustule under it was shot by Altman in Chapter 59, which then explodes and kills the creature.[1]


  • This physical form of this Necromorph resembles the split face from the 1982 movie, The Thing and its 2011 prequel.
  • As with the Brute and Tripod, this Necromorph is composed of multiple corpses.
  • The creature possesses certain traits of various special Necromorph types, and as such was likely a compound creature consisting of several other creatures.

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