Standard Astronaut RIG
Astro Suit Zoomed
Production History

Protection Rating

30% Damage Resistance


  • 25 inventory slots
  • 4 Health Points (HP)

The Standard Astronaut RIG, sometimes called the Astro Suit had a 30% damage resistance rating. Like all of the DLC suits, it had the full 25 inventory slots. It stood out as one of the only suits with no armor plating as it was only an orange/red jumpsuit with a gray helmet which was ironic as it had the same armor rating as the Level 6 Military Suit which was the second best suit in the game.

Downloadable ContentEdit

The Astronaut Pack was released as a downloadable content on November 13, 2008. It was available for $3.00/240 MS Points. It included a Level 5 Suit and skins for 3 weapons. It could also be purchased on the PlayStation Store as part of a $10.00 bundle pack with all of the downloadable content for Dead Space.

The Astronaut Pack featured the Astronaut Suit and new skins for the Plasma Cutter, Pulse Rifle and Ripper.

The Astronaut Pack was a skin pack and featured no upgrades in comparison to the specifications of the standard original RIGs and weapons from the game. The Astronaut Suit had an armor index of 30%, matching, but not exceeding the Level 6 Military Suit's armor index which was the only DLC Suit to do this and came with all 25 inventory slots available. The weapons did not exceed the specifications of their standard originals.

Trivia Edit

  • The Astronaut Pack included the new skins of the Plasma Cutter, Ripper and Pulse Rifle. They had the same orange/red scheme as the armor. Be noted that they had no effect on the weapon's stats.
  • A simpler variant of the Astronaut Suit was seen and used many times during the course of Dead Space: Extraction in the vacuum areas.
  • This suit among all of the other suits was the least purchased while the Tank RIG and the Scorpion RIG are in a tie between the purchases.
  • At the end of Dead Space 2, when Ellie Langford appeared in the Gunship to rescue Isaac, she could be seen wearing this suit (Though with a much less advanced visor made entirely of glass).
  • A rare glitch while wearing this suit and reloading any weapon would cause the health bar to "bend" outward as if Isaac was in a walking position.
  • This suit resembled the Advanced Suit from Dead Space 2 with a pointed helmet front.
  • The suit was similar to the EVA Suit from Dead Space 3.
  • It was the only DLC RIG in Dead Space having a completely unqiue design and not simply a reskin.
  • Like all Dead Space 1 DLC skins, this one was not available for the PC.


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