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The Standard Engineer RIG is the most basic form of Resource Integration Gear available for CEC engineers throughout the course of their employment. It closely resembles the Standard Astronaut RIG due to the fact that it is almost skin-tight and has a small projection system for holographic display.


  • In the original game, Isaac's ID tag can be seen on the left of his chest while wearing the suit, but disappears when the RIG is upgraded.
  • From the beginning of the original game, the suit appears to be badly worn and damaged. This pre-existing wear slowly disappears more and more as the suit is upgraded.
    • By contrast, the suit in the remake is much more high quality with less wear and tear, along with being more standardized among other the CEC engineers aboard the USG Ishimura.
  • This suit only has 10 storage spaces, holding fewer supplies than any other suit.
  • The suit made an appearance in the "Previously on Dead Space" feature for Dead Space 2, even appearing in the representation of Dead Space's ending.