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DS3 Stasis Coating

Stasis coating gives every shot fired on an enemy a Stasis effect, slowing them down for a short period of time.




  • The Contact Beam's "special" upgrade to the alt-fire in Dead Space 2 is similar to this attachment.
  • The effect of Stasis Coating appears to scale with overall damage.  Thus, it seems to be most effective with high damage weapons (for example, hitting an enemy with a Contact Beam with the Stasis Coating attachment results in an almost complete freeze).  However, in the case of rapid fire weapons, it appears that the much smaller Stasis effect applied by each shot stacks.  Thus, a Stasis Coated Chain Gun, for instance, while only slowing enemies down a very small amount per shot, can achieve the same Stasis effect as a more powerful weapon due to its high DPS.  For this reason, Stasis Coating is most useful on guns with either very high damage, or a very high rate of fire.
  • If you use the Survey Charge on your weapon in Dead Space 3, while the Stasis Coating is equipped, shoot yourself with the Survey Charge and Isaac will be hit with stasis while falling, which will make a somewhat comedic effect.