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Interviewer: "You've spoken publicly about Mr Altman's death-"
Stevens: "Yes. Yes, but I can't... It's very difficult. He was such a spiritual giant. And - and a man of science. He touched something so much greater than himself, had so much vision. And we're just doing our very best to carry it forward."
—Stevens is interviewed about Michael Altman's death and Unitology's founding.[1]

Stevens was a psychologist on the floating compound that Michael Altman, as well as many other scientists, were kept on during the initial retrieval and study of the Black Marker in 2214.

After the Necromorph outbreak that resulted in the loss of the facility and Craig Markoff losing control of the project, Stevens was responsible for setting in motion the formation of the Church of Unitology alongside Markoff.[2]


Black Marker Discovery[]

"The details of the original Black Marker disaster were buried in cover-ups and conspiracies, but not before an entire religion could be launched in the name of one of its researchers, Michael Altman. His questionable death turned him into a martyr, and Unitology was born."
Ellie Langford[3]

Stevens helped Markoff every step of the way when DredgerCorp and the military were excavating the Marker from the Chicxulub crater in the Yucatán Peninsula. Following the disastrous Necromorph outbreak at the floating facility,[3] Stevens, along with Markoff, captured Michael Altman. Revealing themselves as full-blown believers in the Black Marker's supposedly benevolent intentions for humanity, they declared that, as believing in the Marker's plan was a matter of the "salvation" of the entire human race, they needed a way to get the public to share this faith, conspiring together to kill Altman after he had leaked the Marker's existence to the world, and thus turn him into a martyr.

Founding Unitology[]

"Even when Altman was forced into hiding, allegedly for fear of government retaliation, his acolytes Stevens and Markoff risked everything to bring his word into the light. His books sold out within hours. Millions flocked to conferences where we were taught the greater truths of the Marker. We stared in awe at the evidence of this alien artifact that would change everything. And we did whatever Altman, through his acolytes, told us to. We rallied against the government whose oppression kept our prophet from us. We joined together in congregations to share his word. And we prepared ourselves for the future he said was coming."
—A former Unitologist's account of the Church's founding.[2]
DSR Stevens Interview

An interview with Stevens about Unitology.

Despite the rest of the government's efforts to cover up the entire Black Marker disaster,[3] Stevens and Markoff proceeded with their plan after murdering Altman, publicly posing as his "acolytes", and revealing only information about the Marker that would garner followers and get the public to share their faith, which they called "Unitology".[2]

After revealing Altman's death, Stevens was at one point interviewed about the new Church of Unitology's philosophy and his feelings about Altman.[1]


  • A note transcribing an interview with Stevens about Unitology and Altman's death can be found in Dead Space (2023).