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The Submachine Gun is a standard-issue sidearm favored by many. It is one of the two first weapons Isaac Clarke has at the beginning of Dead Space 3, given to him by John Carver after Isaac agrees to accompany him and Captain Robert Norton on their journey to Tau Volantis.


The Submachine Gun, while incapable of dealing out large dismemberment damage, has a much higher rate of fire compared to other energy-based weapons. It comes with a high capacity magazine to compensate for this. It is often recommended to use the Submachine Gun against human enemies due to their rather pronounced weak spot: their heads, as a single headshot kills them instantly.

In short, the SMG is best used against large or slow foes with big and visible weak spots, and is capable of ripping them to shreds if wielded correctly.

Using the SMG can potentially save more ammunition than other weapons, though its low damage may pose a problem if playing on Hard or Impossible, committing DMG, CLP and SPD Circuits to enhance its damage while ensuring the clip holds enough ammo to repel whatever is coming at the player.


  • Many characters, including Jacob Arthur Danik, several Circle members, and Robert Norton wield this weapon.
  • As non-classic weapons are omitted from Classic mode, the Plasma Cutter is given to the player by Carver at the start of the game instead of the Submachine Gun.
  • In a New Game+, this weapon gets replaced by whatever weapon the player had equipped previously (barring the Prologue). This can lead to slightly absurd situations, such as Carver handing Isaac a rifle with a Rivet Shotgun, or completely ridiculous ones like a Javelin Repeater with a Bolas gun that slows down enemies with each shot, or even the Devil Horns.