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Suit Kiosk

The Suit Kiosk is a new station in Dead Space 3 used exclusively for RIG management.


The Suit Kiosk resembles the Store from Dead Space 1 and 2, with a user interface to assist in selecting Suits, and a system of shutters to conceal the suit-on procedure. It uses mechanical clamps, arms, and actuators to  safely remove a user's RIG and replace it with a new one in a matter of seconds.


Unlike other Dead Space games where suits are purchased with Credits, suits are now unlocked automatically at certain points during the story, usually in a proximity of a Suit Kiosk and/or a new area. The player will receive a notification through his or her RIG that a suit has been unlocked. The unlocked suit will appear at the next Kiosk the player visits. 

Even though suits are not purchased, resources still play a role in a RIG's effectiveness. Suit Kiosks now doubles as a (Suit upgrades only) Bench where players can use their resources to upgrade the RIG's armor, hit points, air capacity, stasis and kinesis modules. These upgrades are universal, and applies to all RIGs the player wears. Suit Kiosks can sometimes be found in pairs, usually within proximity of a Co-op mission.


A plausible explanation of the switch from stores to Suit Kiosks and Workbenches is that Tau Volantis and the derelict ships orbiting it were used by the Sovereign Colonies during the Secession War 200 years prior to the events of Dead Space 3, the technology behind the Kiosks are much more outdated than that of modern-day Stores. 

Since the fall of the Sovereign Colonies very much predates the creation of Power Nodes and Schematics, it is fair to assume that their RIG Suits were designed to be upgradeable via the Kiosks with the needed resources in hand. Military officials and science team members were sanctioned their own kinds of Suits accessible where needed, as evidenced by the Archaeologist Suit and Legionary Suit, accessible at a specimen research warehouse and a military science complex, respectively.

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  • Applying certain upgrades (Hit points, armor) to a RIG suit will completely replenish the health of Isaac or Carver.
  • In Classic mode changing into unlocked suits can increase the number of available inventory slots, normally RIG's come with all slots already accessible.
  • When Isaac or Carver changes his armor, his head will be forcefully pulled back, probably by a magnet or a neck brace. In addition, once the change is complete Isaac or Carver will be pushed out of the kiosk rather than stepping out like the store.
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