Dead Space Wiki

Type: Audio
Characters: Dallas, A.
Chapter: 7
Can be found:
A. Dallas: Processing log. Supervisor 2nd Engineer Dallas reporting. This will be my last report. I've seen what they the bodies. What they become. I can't let that happen to me. At least if I don't have any limbs...I won't be able to kill anyone when I'm infected...
(Gun charging in the background) Please, tell Dawn... and the kids... that I love them.
(Gunshot) Oh God... (Panting in pain, second gunshot)
One more... (3rd and last gunshot)


  • Disturbingly and humorously in a dark way, shortly before finding this log, a Necromorph with one arm can be found crawling around on the floor, implying that Dallas' plan failed to prevent his transformation.
  • Also - again disturbingly - shortly after finding the log, a ring of eight severed right arms can be seen arranged on the floor in front of a doorway: fingertips to elbows.