Supply Depot 212 is a location on Tau Volantis in Dead Space 3 as well as the location for the Supply Depot optional mission. 


Events of Dead Space 3 Edit

The Supply Depot is first found in Chapter 8, but the entrance is locked. In Chapter 9 when Isaac Clarke tries to repair or replace his damaged suit after he crash lands on Tau Volantis, he eventually finds a key to the Depot. Picking up the key activates a pre-recorded message of a S.C.A.F. soldier ordering a Sergeant Conchran to use the key and find a missing Sergeant Lumley and secure the food, supplies and ammunition stored there. The player has the choice to explore the depot in order to find the supplies stored there by the S.C.A.F. 

Upon first entering the Supply Depot, Isaac will find an audio log of two soldiers, Conchran and an unnamed soldier trying to find Lumley and the supplies. Further investigation of the depot and Isaac will find a room with people bound to metal structures. Another log indicates that the unnamed soldier was starting to become terrified at the planet and wanted to leave the depot, but Conchran wanted to keep searching for Lumley. Upon exiting the room a quarantine lockdown activates and Isaac has to kill all of the Necromorphs to proceed.

Further exploration shows that the people who were in the depot were afflicted by dementia from the Marker Signal, with graffiti saying "Turn it off" and "Make us whole". Another log deeper in the depot stated that the soldiers were still searching for Lumley, and Conchran was acting strange. One last log reveals that the soldiers found the food but they were all spoiled, but Conchran didn't seem to mind, saying that there was food in the form of "Toes, and fingers, and noses", revealing that Conchran has either turned to cannibalism, or is a Feeder. Text logs reveal that Lumley was affected by dementia and spolied the food on purpose to make room for the "Tasty ones".

In the deepest part of the depot Isaac will find a lift but when he lowers it a quarantine lockdown activates. After the lockdown the lift will completely lower revealing a storage container filled with supplies. After looting the stash Isaac leaves to find Ellie and the other survivors.

Gameplay Edit

Tau Volantis Research Base Outskirts Edit

To access this optional mission, we must first acquire a key that can be found in the way station Basement during chapter 9. Once you exit from the way station, backtrack all the way back to the locked door opposite the ladder we climbed for an artefact upon arriving in the area in chapter 8. Walk up to the locked door, kill the slasher that appears and use the key on the unlock panel.  Enter the door to begin the mission.

Tau Volantis Armory Edit

Make your way forward and look on a bench next to the vehicle on the right for an audio log [1/6]. Enter the unlocked door opposite the vehicle niche. Kill the two slashers in here and grab the text log [Log 2/6] from the table to the right. Play through the hacking mini game to unlock the door. When it's unlocked, proceed through it.

You can climb the ladder in this room for a few crates to stomp if you wish. When you are ready continue through the main door. Four slashers will burst in here through vents and a spitter will attempt to sneak up on you as well. Kill them all and enter the unlocked door on the right.  Continue through the next couple of rooms (the second has a pair of med packs in lockers around the corner) until you reach a larger area.

Climb the stairs here and turn to the right. You should see an audio log [Log 3/6] on a table next to some lockers. Go ahead and try to open the door. A lockdown will occur. At this point you need to defend yourself against a big group of slashers and spitters. Thankfully they usually appear 1-2 at a time so they shouldn't be too taxing for you! I counted 6 slashers and 4 spitters before the lockdown concluded. Enter the now unlocked door.

Scale the stairs and enter the door on the right. (on new game + if you go to the catwalk to the right of the ladder and look down and the machine below you'll find an upgrade circuit you can kinesis over).  Climb down the ladder to the large room below. Kill the 7 slashers and the 2 spitters that appear. Go over and pull the battery out of the socket and put it into the empty socket next to the door just at the top of the stairs on the right of the room.

Enter the door and kill the two slashers here. Loot the weapon part – Repeater [Weapon Part 1/2]. Return to the main room, unplug the battery and stick it into the socket next to the door that the suit locator wants you to go through to unlock it. Go on through. There are some boxes on the left in this room so stomp them if you like before continuing.

In this room you will see an elevator, behind it is a panel that we can complete a mini-game on. Do this to summon the lift. Unfortunately, doing this has the side-effect of spawning a bunch of enemies to come and attack you.  Kill the 6 slashers here before entering the lift and riding it up to the upper level. Enter the unlocked door here and look to the left for some lockers to loot and to the right for a text log [Log 4/6]. Use the bench here to create a torque bar if you don't have one handy before continuing through the next door.

Follow the walkway around until you are on the other side of the raised bridge. Use kinesis on the crank across the gap to lower it. Doing this will summon a number of necromorphs to enter the room via vents. Kill the 7 slashers and the 3 spitters that appear before proceeding over the lowered bridge and enter the door.

Here you can use your torque bar to unlock a supply room. Inside you will find a Blueprint – Heavy Metal Thunder [Blueprint 1/1] and some ammo and reagents for you to pilfer.  Return to the previous room and head out the other door.

Climb down the ladder and proceed along the set path here through the two doors until you reach a larger room with a raised walkway visible above. Suspended from this walkway you'll see a pair of slasher cocoons. Shoot these and kill the enemies that emerge.  Climb the ladder when you are finished and enter the lift at the end of the walkway. Ride it up to the next area.

Upon exiting the elevator, kill the two slashers that drop from the roof. Loot the lockers on the right if you so desire and check out the audio log [Log 5/6] on the table against the far wall. Exit through the unlocked door. There is a bench here if you require its services. If not continue through the next door into a large storage room.

In the far right corner of the room from where you enter, behind the lift on the ground level you will find a S.C.A.F Artifact [Artifact 1/1] on a shelf (note at the top of the stairs at the back of the room you'll find a weapon part – MK-II Scope on new game +).When you are ready for a fight, go over and activate the control panel on the lift to lower it.

Lowering this lift will trigger a number of enemies to appear and the lift will not reach the ground until all of them have been dealt with. To begin you are going to be swarmed with a large group of around 10-12 feeders. Once they have been eliminated, 6 slashers and 2 spitters will also enter the room to attack you. Fortunately, they only come at you 2-3 at a time.

Once everything is dead, go and loot that chest on the elevator. Here you will be able to grab a weapon part – Scope [Weapon part 2/2] and two upgrade circuits [Circuit 1/3 and 2/3].

Exit the area via a now unlocked door on the opposite side from the entry and continue through the hallways until you reach a control centre. There is a bench on the left side of the room and an audio log [Log 6/6] on the table opposite. When you are ready to continue, enter the unlocked door nearby. Ride the elevator at the end of the hallway back up to the ground floor.

Kill the 3 Slashers here, loot the lockers and the upgrade circuit [Circuit 3/3] from the wall to the left of them and then continue through the next few doors, killing the occasional slasher as you go until you find yourself back outside. The mission will be complete.

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