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Over the course of the numerous Necromorph outbreaks that litter the timeline of the Dead Space series, the protagonists of each game have encountered a number of survivors. Due to the effects of the Markers, it is likely that some of them were hallucinatory in nature, though this cannot be ascertained for certain.

It is hard to determine what are "survivor encounters" in Dead Space: Extraction and Dead Space 3, since the player is constantly accompanied by NPC characters. Additionally, both games have numerous human enemies. There are also no NPCs in the mobile Dead Space, as the three supporting characters are only heard remotely by radio.

Dead Space: Extraction[]

Chapter 1: Worlds Apart[]

There are technically no survivor encounters in Chapter 1 as a Necromorph outbreak has yet to begin. Sam Caldwell witnesses his fellow miners and engineers commit suicide or violently attack each other under the Marker's dementia effects; this is a prelude to a Necromorph outbreak. The enemies that Sam fights turn out to be innocent people, as he was also hallucinating. Sam is eventually put down by Nathan McNeill.

Chapter 2: Another Day at the Office[]

P-Sec Officers Trying To Control the Situation[]

P-Sec personnel can be seen in segments at the beginning and middle of the chapter. As Nathan and Gabe Weller move inside P-Sec Headquarters, the duo hear gunshots from upstairs. They then listen to an open radio call from Officer Jones, who instructs everyone listening to take out the limbs of the Necromorphs to defeat them. Not knowing the meaning behind the message, Nathan and Gabe initially assume he has gone insane until they kill their first Necromorph.

Nathan and Gabe then proceed to the control room; the aforementioned gunshots and a Necromorph growl can clearly be heard inside. Once they enter, a P-Sec officer is cut down by a Slasher hidden behind a pillar. As Lexine Murdoch is found cowering in the same room, it can be assumed that the officer was trying to protect her from the Necromorphs.

Insane Colonists Attacking and/or Infighting[]

Nathan and Gabe also encounter humans suffering from the Marker-induced dementia, but on a much larger and violent scale; among those human enemies is Private Karklins, who mutters "Have to stop it... Death is the answer. And beyond... It can make us whole. A life beyond death..." before attacking Gabe and being put down.

Screams and pandemonium heard around the area confirm that this is the beginning of the outbreak. Necromorphs can also be heard in the hospital vents as the situation degrades further.

Nathan and Gabe are forced to barricade themselves inside P-Sec Headquarters, preventing anyone from getting in. When the duo and Lexine leave, they discover that the Necromorphs slaughtered the people trying to get in. The previously chaotic area falls silent as the outbreak progresses to its next stage.

Lexine Murdoch Is Found Amid the Chaos[]

DSE Lexine Murdoch


Lexine traveled to the control room earlier to find her missing father, but became trapped as the Necromorphs overran P-Sec Headquarters. She is soon rescued by Nathan and Gabe.

Lexine accompanies the officers throughout the rest of the game and becomes an integral part of the group. Her immunity to the Marker signal extends to anyone nearby, preventing the group from suffering from dementia. She and Gabe would ultimately escape and survive the Necromorph outbreak on Aegis VII.

Baines and Hutchins Encounters[]

DSE Baines


Baines and Hutchins are both part of P.S.I.C. Security's Special Security Taskforce under Gabe Weller's command. The two officers are introduced in the beginning of Chapter 2. When the Necromorph outbreak occurs in the colony, Gabe contacts Baines and Hutchins on their status; they had previously been involved with evacuation efforts prior to the shuttle crash.

DSE Hutchins


Both officers, having survived the crash, traveled under Gabe's orders to the Sector 8 Maintenance Bay to rendezvous. Both groups exchange details of their respective circumstances, noting the overgrowth of Corruption. Baines and Hutchins made it to the Vestri first; they can be seen holding off a group of Necromorphs until Nathan's group arrives. Unfortunately, both officers are killed by the Hive Mind shortly thereafter.

Mission Square Evacuation[]

DSE-Chp2-Survivor 3-1

As the outbreak worsened, survivors erected a barricade to keep the Necromorphs and those afflicted with dementia from entering Mission Square and the shuttle bays. Gabe's group, after crossing this barrier, see a number of these survivors lined up, waiting to be evacuated.

Baines mentions that the situation is still very chaotic, and that security had to "break a few noses" to prevent the colonists from overloading the shuttles and hindering the evacuation. As Nathan's group observes, one of the shuttles took off, only to nosedive and crash back into the remaining spacecraft, destroying them and killing untold numbers of colonists and security personnel.

This incident was first seen in the prequel comic and was mentioned in Dead Space in an audio log (Colony Chaos). In it, Abraham Neumann states the shuttle crash killed a couple hundred people and destroyed the remaining shuttles.

The cause of the crash is revealed to be due to a combination of overcapacity in the shuttle and a fight breaking out in the cockpit. The pilot of the shuttle states that the shuttle has too much weight to break orbit and needs to land and offload some people. Not wanting to go back down into the colony, a frightened passenger tries to take control of the shuttle, knocking out the pilot in the process. In the ensuing struggle the pilot, co-pilot, and passenger lose control of the shuttle and it crashes back down into the bay.

Additionally, Marla Janssen is shocked to see only five shuttles left in the shuttle bay. This indicates that there weren't enough shuttles to evacuate everyone in the shuttle bay. She also states that a round trip between the colony and the USG Ishimura takes around thirty minutes. Given how fast a Necromorph outbreak can spread, even if all of the shuttles successfully evacuated, many colonists would have still been left behind and killed before a round trip could be made.

DSE-Chp2-Survivor 3-2

Before the crash, one shuttle is seen successfully taking off and leaving the colony. In the comics, when counting the number of evac shuttles, Marla mentions that one has already left. The status of this shuttle and those aboard is unknown, as it is never mentioned again.

The most likely destination for the craft would have been the Ishimura. However, due to the no-fly order, the shuttle would likely have been shot down if it attempted to land there and Nathan's group encountered no evidence of such destruction. The shuttle may have escaped Aegis VII entirely, in which case those aboard would likely have been hunted down by EarthGov, as was their standard policy for witnesses to outbreaks in that sector and elsewhere.

Warren Eckhardt[]

2l916xw 2


Warren Eckhardt was among those trying to escape the colony when the shuttle crashed into the bay. As he was close to the crash, Warren was buried underneath metal debris. He is rescued by Nathan's group and informs them of another shuttle, the Vestri, that they can use to escape. He subsequently accompanies Nathan's group for the remainder of the outbreak.

Chapter 3: Return to the Megavents[]

Unnamed Engineer[]

DSE-Chp3-Survivor 1

As soon as Nathan's group arrives in the Megavents, they encounter an engineer who was hiding from the Necromorphs. When Nathan mentions that they need to go to the Sector 8 Maintenance Bay to get to the Vestri, the engineer offers to act as a guide in exchange for safe passage.

When Nathan temporarily wards off a Drag Tentacle attacking Lexine, the engineer goes over to help her up. However, the tentacle comes back and grabs the engineer, and in fright, he holds onto Lexine. With the engineer too frightened to listen to Gabe and Lexine's orders and pleas to let go, Nathan is forced to shoot the engineer into releasing Lexine.

The engineer, injured and forced to release Lexine, is dragged away.

Engineer Cornered by a Slasher[]

DSE-Chp3-Survivor 2

While traveling through the Leaper-infested vents, Nathan notes the presence of a terrified engineer cornered by a Slasher. After only a moment, the Necromorph impales the man through the chest, killing him instantly.

Chapter 4: Rendezvous with Fate[]

Destruction of Shuttle CSO4[]

Extraction - Ishimura

After Nathan's group successfully navigates through the debris field aboard their escape craft, they are hailed by the Ishimura, who warns the group that they are violating the no-fly order and orders all shuttles to return to the colony. Shuttle CSO4 accelerates past Nathan's group and pleads for entry, telling the Ishimura about the outbreak. Eckhardt attempts a similar plea, using his high position of authority in an attempt to barter his way on board.

The Ishimura ignores their pleas, stating that continued approach will be considered a hostile action. In a desperate and possibly suicidal response, CSO4 accelerates toward the planetcracker, only to be shot down by the ship's ADS cannons, much to the shock of those aboard the Vestri.

The wreckage of CSO4 peppers the Vestri, destroying its main thrusters. This action forces the damaged vessel to slow, allowing those aboard to evade or destroy the ADS fire from the Ishimura with their own cannon.

Cornered Crewmember[]

DSE-Chp4-Survivor 1

As Gabe tries contacting the bridge from the shuttle bays' control room, Lexine watches a camera feed of a Slasher cornering a crew member and killing him. This footage horrifies Lexine, and also confirms that the infection has already spread aboard the ship.

Locker Crewman[]

DSE-Chp4-Survivor 2

Shortly after the above encounter, Lexine hears sounds coming from a nearby storage room. When Nathan opens the door, a frightened crewmember throws a container at him, believing he is infected.

The crewmember, after calming, tells the group that the Necromorphs have slaughtered the crew deck's inhabitants. He briefly accompanies the group before being pulled into a vent by an unseen Necromorph.

Unseen Woman[]

On the second floor of the Main Commons, a female voice is heard saying that "Death is coming... It's the end, but just the beginning... Can you make us whole?... Have to stop it... The cycle of death..."

Near the cargo lift on the second floor is a room barricaded with metals and furniture; the woman is most likely hiding in there. The woman's mutterings are similar to what Natalia Deshyanov said in the comics when she was under the influence of the Marker.

Alissa Vincent and her Security Team[]

DSE-Chp4-Survivor 3

At the end of Chapter 4, Nathan's group comes face-to-face with Alissa Vincent and her security team. They place the entire group under arrest, ordering them to drop their weapons and to get on their knees. Gabe tries to warn them of the Necromorph infestation, but one of the security members tases Nathan, who loses consciousness.

Although the model design and number of security personnel are different, this is canonically the same Alissa Vincent and security team seen in Dead Space: Downfall.

Chapter 5: Emergency Care[]

Nicole Brennan[]

DS Extraction 20

The real Nicole, in person, during Chapter 5.

Nicole is introduced in the beginning of Chapter 5 as she checks the group for injuries and infections. Shortly after Nathan awakes, the Medical Deck is put into quarantine and Nathan's group subsequently ventures out of Nicole's area, looking for an override. Nicole stays in touch with Nathan during these efforts, eventually reuniting with him in the ship's morgue, where they discover Captain Mathius' body.

After attempting to reach the quarantine override in the Emergency Room, the group, including Nicole, is pursued by a horde of Necromorphs. Taking refuge in the Medical Deck's Security Station, they see that security personnel are barricading part of the deck from a Drag Tentacle.

Nicole remains behind in this area, hoping to aid other wounded crewmembers. As the situation degrades, however, she loses hope and eventually makes a suicide recording for her boyfriend, engineer Isaac Clarke. Her death shortly thereafter is witnessed by Nathan and Lexine, who are unable to attempt to persuade her away from taking her own life, as she is broadcasting on a one-way transmission.

Faint Screaming around the Medical Deck[]

After Nathan overrides the lockdown and travels through the vents again, he will hear the Ishimura's automated transmission for launching the escape pods. During this transmission, Nathan hears a faint screaming from a man.

This comes a few minutes after the audio log "We're Leaving", about two crew members intending to use the escape pods, can be found at the very same vent section. It is up to interpretation if this scream was one of them failing to board the pods in time. It is also possible that the scream was just a hallucination, since Nathan was hearing the Marker's whispers at the time.

Perry and ER Patients[]


Perry himself.

The ER and the ER Hallways have numerous patients on the beds. Many are bloodied from Necromorph attacks. Perry, Nicole's medical assistant, stayed up for close to 24 hours treating the wounded as he felt obligated to do so.

One unscathed patient flatlines near the group, which perplexes Perry as he claims to have stabilized him one hour ago. As Nicole is about to head to ER Hallways to check on the other patients, a Slasher ambushes the group and decapitates Perry. When the group moves through the Hallways, flatlines can be heard from some of the patients.

Security Station Barricade[]

After being chased out of the ER, the group makes it to the Security Station as a Drag Tentacle begins to breach through the wall. Two security personnel are in the process of finishing the barricade that Isaac destroys in Chapter 2 of Dead Space. Nathan jokingly asks one of the officers if he was going to tase him, much to his confusion. Gabe then orders one of the officers to seal the door and orders the group to assist in finishing the barricade.

They all finish just in time as a Drag Tentacle appears but is unable to breach the barricade, promptly leaving. The security officer informs Gabe that they need to head for Engineering as their team is responding to an emergency call. Gabe tells the officers to remain in Medical as the group will assist the other security team. It is unknown what happened to the two security personnel, but they most likely perished when the Medical Deck was overrun by Necromorphs.

Chapter 6: Nowhere to Hide[]

Butchered Engineer[]


When Nathan's group arrive near the water treatment facility and climb up a ladder to get out of the water, Nathan witnesses a lone engineer getting butchered by the game's first two Enhanced Slashers. An Infector arrives shortly after to turn him into a Necromorph, though this can be stopped.

It is impossible to save this man, as Nathan is still in the process of climbing up the ladder when he is attacked, and the weapon's crosshair is replaced with a “skip” sign, meaning the player can't shoot even when aiming for the Slashers. The engineer's model is based on Jacob Temple (as well as other corpses found in this chapter).

Karen Howell Is First Seen[]


Dr. Howell makes her debut.

Dr. Howell is encountered right before the boss fight with the Urchin on a platform above the group (minus Lexine). She informs Nathan's group that they are below Hydroponics and urges them to come up. Suddenly, the Urchin attacks both of them. Dr. Howell is forced to flee, apologizing to the group as she is unable to do anything to save them.

She becomes a playable character in Chapter 7, rescuing Lexine and reuniting her with Nathan's group in the Atmosphere Control Room. She is killed when Eckhardt leaves her for dead when they are both attacked by a Drag Tentacle (possibly from the Leviathan). Lexine is saddened by Dr. Howell's death.

Chapter 7: Life and Death[]

Lexine Is Still Alive[]

In Chapter 6, Lexine is separated from the group when she is ambushed by Swarmers, falling into a massive water drain. She somehow survives her ordeal, but is left feeling ill. Dr. Howell rescues her in Hydroponics and treats her illness. She later informs Lexine that she encountered Nathan's group earlier but believes they have died. Dr. Howell protects Lexine from hordes of Necromorphs, including a Brute. Both of them later reunite with Nathan's group.

Chapter 8: In the Hearts of Men[]

Lone Security Officer[]


As Gabe and Eckhardt discover Maintenance Shuttle 23 in Shuttle Bay 47, they head to the control room to prep the shuttle for launch. There, they discover a lone anxious security officer who has locked himself inside. He refuses to open the door, stating that his lieutenant's orders were to not let anybody inside. Gabe and Eckhardt are then ambushed by Necromorphs; the officer watches on as the duo fends off the creatures.

Finally irritated by the officer's behavior, both Gabe and Eckhardt angrily demand that he open the door, but he still refuses. An Exploder suddenly drops right behind him from the vent and smashes him with its explosive sac. The blast kills the security guard instantly, but allows Gabe and Warren to gain entry to the control room, although at the same time, badly damages the computers.

Chapter 9: Escaping the Ishimura[]

Gabe Is Still Alive[]

Eckhardt betrays Gabe in the end of Chapter 8 by shooting him and revealing his Unitologist mission to Gabe, before getting killed by a Leaper. Nathan and Lexine discover the wounded Gabe, who tells them what happened. He also tells them the ADS cannon must be shut off before they can escape.

Nathan orders Lexine to watch over Gabe while he shuts off the ADS cannon. She treats Gabe's wound while fending off Necromorph attacks and gives updates on their status to Nathan. Gabe is unable to guide Nathan due to losing consciousness from his wound. Gabe recovers at the start of Chapter 10. He and Lexine would ultimately escape and survive the Necromorph outbreak on Aegis VII.

"Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" Radio Transmission[]

When Nathan begins to move through the vents, he hears a radio transmission of a woman singing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star", initially thinking that Lexine is calling him. Nathan tries to get a response from the singer but only hears the woman keep singing. It is likely that Nathan is experiencing a hallucination.

Chapter 10: Secrets and Salvation[]

Nathan Returns, Wounded[]

At the end of Chapter 9, Nathan is forced to amputate his right arm after it was pinned by a spike launched by the Spider. Gabe and Lexine try to contact Nathan but receive no answers from him. Both of them hold off waves of Necromorphs in order to wait for him as they prep the shuttle for launch. As the Necromorph horde keeps coming, they reluctantly resign to Nathan's death and begin to launch the shuttle. Nathan then suddenly appears, fending off Necromorphs with a Contact Beam with one arm.

Gabe and Lexine are surprised to see him alive and shocked that he lost an arm. Nathan co-pilots the shuttle with Lexine and all three escape the Ishimura. Nathan plots a course for the Sprawl and the group celebrates their victory over the Necromorphs, but this is cut short by the arrival of the USG Kellion, whom Lexine desperately tries to warn to stay away from the Ishimura, to no avail. Nathan ultimately succumbs to his wounds and transforms into a Slasher. He attacks Lexine but ends up being killed by her.

USG Kellion[]

Just after Nathan's group escapes the Ishimura, they receive a radio transmission from the USG Kellion, as seen in the beginning of Dead Space. Lexine desperately tries to warn them but is unable to communicate with them.

Dead Space (2008)[]

Chapter 1: New Arrivals[]

Man Behind Door[]


The survivor being mauled by a Slasher.

This survivor is encountered when Isaac Clarke first enters the room where he obtains his first weapon. Upon entering, Isaac can hear the survivor sobbing with fright behind a locked door on the other side of the room. He does not hear Isaac until he steps up on the platform where the Plasma Cutter is. Once the survivor hears Isaac, he immediately stops crying and begs him to open the door for him, saying he doesn't have a key, and can't figure out how to hack the door.

After Isaac grabs the Plasma Cutter, the survivor becomes more panicked, saying he can hear creatures through the vents coming for him. Once the door is unlocked, he flies into a full-blown panic, saying he can hear creatures everywhere, and he still can't unlock it from his side. When Isaac finally opens the door for the survivor, he is found being mauled to death by a Slasher. Although Isaac can dispatch the Slasher very quickly, the survivor will still die as his death is scripted.

Note this is the only time you will see a Slasher using the hands dangling from its sides to do something in game (it is holding the man down with them).

It is possible that this crewman is the Tram-engineer Benson as the voices of both are identical and you'll find the first audio log from him in the corridor forward.

Chapter 2: Intensive Care[]

Blind Woman[]


The survivor sitting beside "McCoy".

When Isaac steps off the tram in Chapter 2, in the corner there is a woman wearing a bloodstained blindfold. She is stroking her friend "McCoy" and trying to comfort him, saying help has arrived. In reality, she is stroking a dismembered torso, but due to blindness, and more likely mental instability, she hasn't realized this. She says she knew Isaac would come, "just like you said", and that she "saved something for you".

She reaches behind the torso, turning it over, revealing maggots eating away at it. Beleaguered, she fumbles, and barely manages to drop the Kinesis Module (what she 'saved' for the player) in front of Isaac. She asks if she can go now, and with the last of her breath, says that McCoy wants to take her to "the shuttle". She then succumbs to her wounds. After Isaac returns to the tram station later on in the chapter, both the torso and the woman are gone, probably hinting that they were turned into Necromorphs.

Bioprosthetics Lab Worker[]


The survivor pleading for help.

While walking down the hallway to the Bioprosthetics Lab, a worker rushes out from behind a window, begging Isaac to let him out. A Lurker runs out from around the corner, chasing him. Behind him, it fires a quill into the hand he was pounding the window with, destroying it and pinning him to the wall. The Lurker fires another quill into his back as he painfully tries to free himself.

Thinking that would be enough to kill him, the young Necromorph begins to scale the wall, leaving the man to scream in agony. Realizing he is still alive, it turns around and fires all 3 of its quills into the worker's head, decapitating him (and splattering the remains of his head all over the window Isaac is looking through). There is no possible way to save him, as the door that leads to the lab is on a "Standby" mode until he is brutally killed, and the window is indestructible.

Head Banger[]


The survivor banging his head against the wall.

While walking down the Imaging Diagnostics hallway, a heavy banging sound is heard. When Isaac turns the corner, he can see that the source of the sound is a man smashing his head repeatedly against the wall, with blood spattering out from each hit. He is also heavily mutilated, lacking any flesh on the front of his torso, and has no organs present in his abdomen. His ribs are clearly visible, he is missing sections of flesh and skin all over his body, and is drenched in his own blood as though he had endured a Necromorph attack. He makes no reaction to Isaac's presence, and Isaac will refuse to shoot him directly, but it is possible to arch a secondary shot from the Force Gun to land on his head or deploy a timed bomb right next to him with the Line Gun, though neither of these actions can damage or stop him. When Isaac goes near the man, he rears his head back and violently brings it into the wall a final time, his skull cracking as he slides down to the ground, dead.

The severity of his wounds, which would not be survivable for any significant length of time, suggest that this man may be a hallucination on the part of Isaac. The man's corpse remains in the level (as opposed to despawning), however, leading to speculation on his status.

This scene was featured in the Dead Space 2 introduction video "Previously on Dead Space".

Choking Officer[]


The officer choking.

In one room in Imaging Diagnostics, there is an officer behind the table who is violently choking. A yellowish liquid is foaming out of his mouth, and he "dies" after choking for a few seconds. A backstory log found after beating the game details the transformation of a corpse into an Infector, and the very first symptom is violently choking up a yellowish liquid; implying that the choking man is actually a corpse in the first stage of becoming an Infector. Upon returning to this room on the return trip in the chapter, the man's body will have disappeared, implying that he became an Infector. If the player stomps him, he will be dismembered, but will continue to choke.

Insane "Nurse" and Patient[]


The nurse "operating" on her patient.

When entering a surgery room, there will be a female officer in a glass surgery box, who appears to be operating on a patient. When Isaac gets closer, it is clear that she is not operating on the man, but is instead mindlessly sawing into him, laughing hysterically. She looks back at Isaac, then back to the "patient", who finally dies from his injuries. She then looks back at Isaac again, and brings the saw up to her neck and slices her throat with it. She drops to the floor, gurgling, before finally dying of blood loss.

The two are most likely not a hallucination, as they are still present in the glass room when Isaac returns in a later chapter. Sometimes, before dying, the man will moan "Please..." apparently asking for help, but dies soon afterwards. It is possible to bounce a secondary shot from the Force Gun off the ceiling and onto the table, but this causes them no damage and the woman will only die by her own hand.

Notably, this scene was featured in two official screenshots.

Chapter 3: Course Correction[]

Screaming Around the Engineering Deck[]


Throughout the entirety of Chapter 3, human-like screams can be heard alongside the ambiance of the level. It is possible these are heard from remaining survivors, as the Engineering Deck was one of the last decks to hold out. Whether these screams originate from survivors, Necromorphs, or even Isaac's dementia, is all left up to speculation.

Specifically, it seems that Isaac can hear more clearly in the Fuel Storage, a large dark area with numerous Necromorphs around. It could be that a group of survivors was trying to hide in the shadows, being gradually found and taken out one by one. Another possibility is that it is a sole injured crew member moving around continuously, trying to avoid the creatures.

KIA Sounds[]


What may have happened.

After passing through the other side of the decontamination chamber on the way to the centrifuge, dulled (low-pass) screams and thuds (gunshots) can be heard. Soon after, there is silence. It is implied there was someone who managed to survive and was fighting off Necromorphs, only to die soon after.

Owing to the fact that the Drag Tentacle is introduced moments later - its signature groan is heard for the first time - and a loud crash coincides with fresh limbs nearby, it is likely that the survivor was "taken" by the Drag Tentacle moments prior to Isaac's arrival, which is most likely why it did not lunge at him initially. This theory is emphasized by the fact that Isaac finds a dismembered corpse with ammunition nearby, in the corridor where the Tentacle attacks, with a blood trail leading to the hole on the wall.

"Dead" Engineer[]


The dying engineer.

There is only one survivor directly encountered in Chapter 3, although the encounter is brief. On the 2nd level of the engine control decks, in a storage room adjacent to one of the lift shafts, lies an engineer in a heavily beaten state. Beforehand, the player will witness a Leaper hastily crawl into the room with the engineer, but disappear.

He rests underneath a vent on the wall and does not move until approached. He then lunges forward, reaching out to Isaac before suddenly collapsing, dead. Turning around lets the player witness a Slasher run by the room, indicating that maybe the engineer was warning Isaac before dying. A group of Swarmers is seen exiting the horrifying room immediately prior, and are also found in a supply box a floor below, insinuating his cause of death.

Note: If the player does not approach him, the player can dismember him (he can also be dismembered when he reaches out to Isaac) and move him with Kinesis. Even if killed by the player, the engineer's moan will still be heard for a short period of time.

Chapter 4: Obliteration Imminent[]

Screaming Woman[]

Once the main lift in the Bridge room nears its destination at the lower level, the loud, horrified scream of a woman echoes down the shaft. The scream ends moments after Isaac reaches the bottom floor. Upon entry to the level, there are no signs of human life, and no murdered female in sight. Where the scream originated from is unknown.

Vanishing Man[]

Prop39(Make us whole again)

The vanishing man.

After going up the main lift to level 3 (the path to the Comms Array), there is a man through a doorway who, briefly, tells Isaac to "make us whole again" before walking off as the door closes. It is unknown where he went, as there is only a lonely Pregnant calmly walking down the corridor. Considering the increasing number of hallucinations Isaac is already having at this point of the game, the man was most likely a hallucination as well.

It is interesting to note that the man resembles a bloody Chen. It is quite possible that Isaac hallucinated the Pregnant in the form of Chen. Also of note is that he is an NPC that Isaac can shoot, although it has no effect.

Note: If the player is quick enough, rushes and reopens the door immediately, it can be seen he vanishes after walking five feet away. This is just the visual effect of the game engine de-spawning objects and is not supposed to be seen by the player.

Chapter 5: Lethal Devotion[]

Dr. Challus Mercer Presents Himself[]


Dr. Mercer

The insane science officer,[1] Doctor Mercer is first encountered in this chapter, revealed to be hiding on the medical decks in apparently safe areas. He first talks to Isaac inside the lab from behind a glass or perspex screen, revealing his plans concerning the Necromorphs and their transportation to Earth and his knowledge of the Hive Mind, and then releases the Hunter. Once Isaac escapes back to the security station and enters E.R., Mercer is again shielded behind a glass pane whilst attempting to convince Isaac to give up.

After Isaac acquires the recombinant tissue sample from his office, the insane doctor interrupts his video call with Kendra Daniels before venting all oxygen in the wing into space. After the oxygen is restored, he is encountered in the Cryogenics Treatment chamber, again behind a glass pane. Mercer makes a brief speech about his plan to unleash the Necromorphs on Earth before releasing his regenerating creation and walking off.

Hysterical Woman[]


The hysterical woman.

Hysterical woman close

The hysterical woman up close.

Before going into Dr. Mercer's office, Isaac can see a woman standing at the end of the hallway next to a surgical bed to the right. She is staring at a dead body on the ground and is laughing and crying hysterically (which is on an eternal loop), does not react to Isaac's presence in any way, and is invulnerable. She dies when Dr. Mercer vents the air throughout the deck into space; while Isaac does not see her die, he can verify that her body is there, if he has the luxury to waste oxygen for that purpose.

A very interesting detail that many players do not notice is that the dead body on the ground looks identical to her, right down to the injuries on the face, though this may be an error in NPC formatting and the same skin was used for both. There is a possibility she may be a hallucination due to the fact that her RIG health indicator is empty, which means she is actually dead; moreover, it is strange that Isaac didn't encounter her during his first visit to the infirmary in Chapter 2. However, when Dr. Mercer disables life support systems in the Medical Deck, the woman dies and her body is left lying next to the other corpse, which indicates that she was indeed a real person, and managed somehow to survive until then.

Chapter 7: Into the Void[]

Elevator Miner[]


The elevator miner.

When Isaac reaches the far end of the rig room and activates the elevator, he will begin to hear pained moans from a nearby survivor. When the elevator reaches Isaac's level, the door opens to reveal a dying miner lying on the ground, his left arm severed. He groans and reaches out to Isaac for help before collapsing, dead. Immediately after activating the elevator, his arm precipitously falls from a vent above, followed quickly by an onslaught of Slashers - the likely cause of his demise.

Nicole Unlocks a Door[]

Defend nicole completed ch7

"Nicole" during Chapter 7.

Isaac meets Nicole while on his way to retrieve the SOS beacon, after being attacked by numerous Lurkers and Pods. Nicole can't reach him from where she is, but she helps him by opening the locked door to the room where the beacon is. Isaac has to defend her against an onslaught of Necromorphs that show up while she is opening the door. She walks away after unlocking the door, declaring her love for Isaac and assuring him that everything will end soon.

As it turns out later in the game, the whole sequence was a hallucination. It is quite possible that the door was unlocked the whole time and some (or all) of the Necromorphs attacking were illusions as well. Shortly after "Nicole" leaves, Kendra contacts Isaac worried, stating that she had lost his RIG signal for a while. It is unknown if either the Marker's signal jammed the communications temporarily or if Isaac himself blocked Kendra from contacting him.

Chapter 8: Search and Rescue[]

Crawling Man[]


The crawling man.

After entering the passage guarded by the two Guardians, a survivor will crawl around the corner, groaning in his death throes, and subsequently die as the game's first whole Divider comes around the corner as well. Though Isaac can shoot and dismember the survivor, he will still act out his programmed death scene. If the player looks closely enough, the man will strongly resemble the vanishing man as seen in Chapter 4.

Chapter 9: Dead on Arrival[]

Gravity Panel Marine[]


The Marine forced to the ceiling by a faulty gravity panel.

An EDF Marine can be seen pinned to the ceiling by one of the malfunctioning gravity panels, moaning in obvious pain (how he managed to survive without getting shredded to pieces by the panel is unclear). Nothing can be done to help him - neither rescue nor a mercy kill from Isaac is possible, though if the player managed to keep an exploding limb from one of the Exploders in the previous room, it can be used to remove all the man's limbs (which, in a terrifying lack of programming, doesn't result in a ceasing of the man's moaning). If this is done and the player leaves and then returns to the Marine's room, his moan will no longer be heard, as he himself will no longer be present, also due to a lack of programming.

The Marine's ultimate fate is unknown, although the fact that he was trapped and heavily injured when the ship later explodes certainly suggests KIA status. If the player looks closely, the Marine still has full health.

Legless Marine[]


The legless Marine.

After leaving the room with the shooting range on the USM Valor, Isaac encounters a Marine sitting on the ground and holding up his severed leg. He grunts in pain a few times, and then falls backwards, dead.

This Marine is found outside of an operating room with a malfunctioning medical laser, suggesting that he lost his leg inadvertently during his escape from the Necromorphs, but only made it to the hall before Isaac finds him.

Fleeing Marine[]


The fleeing Marine.

Another Marine can be seen running away from Isaac as he enters a room connected to where the singularity core is found. The door closes and locks as he leaves. It is never explicitly shown what happens to him, but the fact that he is never shown again in the game implies that he was killed; either by a Necromorph or when the Valor exploded.

When Isaac follows his path after retrieving the singularity core, a lone dead Marine can be seen by an elevator with a blown power unit. Seeing as Isaac nearly avoided injury when one exploded near him (before Dr. Kyne's transmission), it is likely the same Marine - lacking a Kinesis module - was killed when the power unit was ejected, or was unable to escape a pursuer.

Note: Sometimes, due to unknown circumstances, a bug can occur where the Marine will not despawn and will instead stand fully modeled on the other side of the door in the hallway. In the game files, the Marine also has full head animation as well as a very simple idle animation, suggesting he would have had a bigger role in early versions of the game. 

Chapter 10: End of Days[]

The Demise of Jacob Temple[]


Jacob Temple about to be killed by Dr Mercer.

Jacob Temple, formerly an engineer aboard the Ishimura, left a series of audio logs detailing the mechanics and failures of systems on the ship and his attempts to repair them and escape the crisis. Eventually, practicality forced him to abandon this objective, and he instead went out to find Elizabeth Cross, his girlfriend. Their reunion is short-lived— both of them are murdered by the madman Mercer, their skulls punctured to ease the inevitable work of the Infector. Isaac is forced to witness Temple's death, though he can in no way intervene.

Temple's death was featured in the Dead Space 2 introduction video "Previously on Dead Space".

Unitologist Woman[]

Survivorch10 2

The Unitologist woman.

Upon entry to the back room to Sleep Block C, Isaac discovers a room full of dead Unitology worshippers who committed suicide under the orders of Dr. Mercer, their impaled heads wrapped up in bandages. One surprisingly clean and unhurt woman remains alive in the room, but upon Isaac's entry, she laughs hysterically, and promptly blows her head off with a Divet. The woman is the only one in the room to die from a gunshot; the others were impaled in a similar fashion to Jacob Temple and Elizabeth Cross.

Isaac can reach her well before she commits suicide; however, he will not try to interfere. It is also impossible to get the Divet and use it as a weapon.

Isaac Meets Dr. Terrence Kyne[]

Dead Space Kyne by AlsatianVDK

Dr. Kyne speaking to Isaac.

The ship's chief science officer, Dr. Kyne, is encountered behind a secure glass pane in the sleep block security station. He informs Isaac of the importance of returning the Marker to its pedestal on the planet and aids Isaac in locating the Nav Cards needed for the Executive Shuttle. He will not leave the security station, however, and if Isaac attempts to visit him before he has located the Nav Cards, Kyne starts to ramble to a hallucination of his wife, Amelia Kyne, and refuses Isaac entry. Eventually, Kyne leaves to pilot the shuttle into the hangar deck.

The Death of Challus Mercer[]

ChallusMerc dead

Mercer's dead body.

Once Isaac collects all shuttle Nav Cards, Mercer briefly taunts him via RIG Link before unleashing the Hunter on him once more. He is not seen or heard from again until Isaac kills the Hunter with the Executive Shuttle's engine test, after which Mercer contacts him and invites Isaac to join him as he gazes at the face of God before submitting himself to an Infector. Isaac later finds Mercer's headless, mutilated remains along with the Infector just a few rooms away, which will turn into a headless Enhanced Slasher should the transformation be allowed to complete.

Chapter 11: Alternate Solutions[]

The Demise of Dr. Kyne[]

Kyne's death

Kyne dies after being shot by Kendra.

After obtaining the escape ship, Dr. Kyne rushes out to greet Isaac, telling him that they must escape immediately. Before either of them are able to board the ship, however, Kyne is shot in the chest by Kendra Daniels, who was hidden on board the ship, before she takes off with the Marker. As Kyne lies dying on the floor, he reaches out and gasps for Amelia to come back to him, before collapsing to the ground, dead.

Kendra's Betrayal and Escape[]

Kendra herself is not fully visible in this chapter, but she apparently sneaks aboard the Executive Shuttle sometime after Kyne pilots it to the Flight Deck. Once the Marker is loaded onto the Shuttle, Kendra swiftly shoots and kills Dr. Kyne in the presence of Isaac before flying the shuttle away, stranding him. She contacts Isaac via RIG Link and thanks him, before revealing that the outbreak on Aegis VII along with the Marker itself were the product of a government experiment, and that the Valor was sent to assist her in retrieving the artifact.

Later on, Kendra escapes down to the colony when Isaac activates the shuttle recall override.

Nicole in the Control Room[]


"Nicole" during Chapter 11.

Nicole appears again once Kendra betrays Isaac, in a control room blocked by a Guardian. Once Isaac reaches her, she expresses her joy and tells Isaac to "make us whole again" before instructing him to recall Kendra's shuttle. She is later seen co-piloting the shuttle with Isaac when the latter descends down onto the colony.

Note that these were the same words the vanishing man said to Isaac, indicating that he in fact was a hallucination.

Chapter 12: Dead Space[]

Nicole Returning Marker 3A[]

DeadSpace1 Nicole Chapter12 1

"Nicole" during Chapter 12.

Nicole is seen again at the start of the chapter, instructing Isaac to load the Marker off the shuttle and to guide it to its pedestal using the loader system, telling him to "Replace what was taken, and make us whole again". She vanishes after he restores power to the loading bay doors.

After the Marker is returned, Nicole makes her final appearance in a bright flash of light. She congratulates Isaac on doing a good job and says that they are now "whole" before disappearing for good.

Kendra Daniels on Aegis VII[]

KendraDaniels Chapter12 2

Kendra about to meet the Hive Mind.

Kendra is seen shortly after Nicole vanishes at the Marker pedestal, removing it and loading it back to her ship. She points out Isaac's growing dementia by telling him that Nicole has been dead this whole time, and forces him to watch the full transmission. Kendra then leaves, with the heartbroken engineer in hot pursuit.

Once Isaac reaches the landing pad, he witnesses the brutal death of Kendra at the hands of the newly-awakened Hive Mind, smacking and crushing her many times before tossing her against the sharp corner of a building, fully dismembering her. 

Dead Space (2023)[]

Chapter 1: New Arrivals[]

Man Behind Door[]

Man behind Door (Remake)

This survivor plays the same role as his original counterpart. Before Isaac picks up the Plasma Cutter, a man can be heard calling for help, trying to get the door open and crying that he is "all over the deck" and needs to find "the rest" of himself. Once Isaac picks up the Plasma Cutter and steps away from the workshop, the man will notice Isaac's presence. The man goes into a full blown panic and begins to bang on the door and beg for help, as he cannot get the door to open and he can hear a Necromorph coming for him. The Necromorph in question can be heard moving through walls trying to reach him. Once Isaac opens the door, the survivor can be seen screaming as a Slasher pounces on him and rips his throat out. He cannot be saved.

In the subtitles, he is named "Crew Member".

Hailey Johnston's Death[]

DSR Isaac and Johnston

Isaac and Johnston on the Kellion.

Johnston injured her ankle during the Kellion's crash landing into the Ishimura, forcing her to remain behind on the shuttle while the rest traveled further into the Ishimura. Due to the Kellion's damaged comms, Johnston remained unaware of the situation on the rest of the ship as she attempted to further assess damage and stabilize the singularity core. When Isaac returns to the Kellion, he warns her that they have been attacked by the reanimated crew and asks for a damage report on the Kellion. As this happens, two Leapers attack the Kellion's singularity core, causing the ship to begin exploding. As the two are evacuating, Johnston is attacked by a Slasher and fends it off with her Pulse Rifle. Before Isaac can help, an explosion inside the shuttle kills her instantly and another ejects Isaac from the Kellion. Isaac yells her name and watches helplessly as the Kellion violently explodes and crashes off onto the hangar floor.

Chapter 2: Intensive Care[]

Dying Officer[]

Female Guard (Remake)

The officer's last moments.

When Isaac reaches Medical, in the corner there is a bloodied, mortally injured security officer clutching a Pulse Rifle and holding a Slasher's blade impaled through her chest. There are several spent Small Med Packs at her feet, two completely dismembered Slasher torsos across from her, and a headless corpse of another officer. She says in between pained breaths "Don't let them out", "Gotta hold the line" and "They all came back" before she succumbs to her injuries, dropping her rifle for Isaac to claim.

This survivor replaces the "Blind Woman" encounter from the original. In the subtitles, she is named "Security Officer".

Note: Based on what can be seen on the Medical Deck and the To Medical route, and given that Medical Deck was one of the last decks to holdout, she and several other security personnel appear to have tried to fortify the Medical Deck by moving Kinesis rail containers, piling crates, metal flooring and medical beds to block hallways and doors, and locking down the tram station, before eventually being overrun. From the large blood splatters, bullet holes and burn marks on the door and the walls near the Slashers and the fact they are completely dismembered, it can be deduced that she and another officer were pursued and cornered by the two Slashers before she used her Pulse Rifle's proximity mine to kill the Necromorphs. The explosion, however, killed her partner and impaled a Slasher blade through her, impaling her against the glass wall of the tram station, which has cracks from where she is laying.

Head Banger[]

DSR Head Banger

The survivor banging his head against the wall.

This survivor plays the same role as his original counterpart. When Isaac travels through the hallway between the Security Station and Imaging Diagnostics, he hears a banging noise before coming upon the man smashing his head against the wall. When Isaac comes close enough, the man will rear his head further before violently smashing his head one final time and collapsing dead on the floor. Unlike the original, whose wounds were located mainly on his torso, this survivor has a relatively intact torso and instead has a half-torn head, showing part of his skull. Based on the clothing he is wearing, it can be assumed that he was a patient on the Medical Deck.

This is likely not a hallucination, as Dr. Mercer specifically places a lantern near his corpse when Isaac revisits the area in Chapter 5.

Coughing Officer[]

In the Diagnostic Technician room, a dying security officer can be seen coughing up blood before dying. Notably, his chest and ribs are slashed open. Before he dies, a Slasher (possibly his killer) will ambush Isaac through the vent in front of the officer.

This survivor replaces the "Choking Officer" encounter from the original game.

Bioprosthetics Lab Worker[]

DSR Lurker First Appearance

The survivor is killed by a Lurker while pleading for help.

This survivor plays out the same role as his original counterpart. When Isaac reaches the Biological Prosthetics Center, he sees a lab worker being chased by a Lurker and calling to Isaac for help. Isaac attempts to help, but the Lurker pins the worker's hand against the window with its quill, fires another volley into his back and finishes him off by splattering his head in front of Isaac. He cannot be saved as the door will be on "Standby" as this plays out and the window is indestructible.

In the subtitles, he is named "Scientist".

Insane Woman and Her "Patient"[]

DSR Cut Them Out

The insane woman cutting her "patient" open.

These survivors play out the same role as their original counterparts. When Isaac enters the Intensive Care Unit, he will see a woman preparing to "operate" on an unconscious man inside a sealed surgery room. She calmly yet violently stabs and slices open her "patient's" chest and abdomen, killing him. She then turns towards Isaac and calmly slits her throat and dies. Isaac watches on, disturbed, and gags at the sight.

Chapter 3: Course Correction[]

Leaper Kill[]

When Isaac enters Refueling Control Station, a Leaper is seen gnawing on a corpse before fleeing, suggesting an engineer was recently killed before Isaac arrived.

Faint Screams[]

Beginning in the Refueling Control Station, Isaac can hear faint screaming from other survivors. From here on out, Isaac will hear other unseen survivors screaming when he visits/revisits other areas (see below in Chapter 7 and Revisiting Previous Areas section).

Kendra Is Alive[]

During Chapter 1, after the Kellion is destroyed, Zach Hammond and Kendra Daniels are attacked by the Necromorph Chen on the Bridge. Kendra runs from the Bridge and barricades herself in the Computer Core. When Isaac heads to the South Refueling Station and grabs the spare maintenance card to access the circuit room, she contacts Isaac and Hammond, both of whom are glad to see her alive. She aids the two (mostly Isaac) by using her hacking skills to access information, monitor surveillances and RIG activities, and manipulate controls from the Computer Core.

Centrifuge Screaming[]

This survivor plays out the same role as his original counterpart. After exiting the Decontamination Room, Isaac will hear banging noises and a survivor screaming and struggling for his life before falling silent. When Isaac heads towards the Centrifuge room he will see a bloody hallway and two gaping holes in the wall. He will also hear loose metal pieces rattling and a faint roar of the Drag Tentacle. Near one of the hole is a bronze semiconductor and the text log "Rig Transcript". The text log contains a discussion between Jacob Temple and C. Danvers about sending two people named "Ty" and "Jeong" to fix the Centrifuge, but not hearing anything back from them despite arming them with everything they had. The survivor in question was likely one of these two people that were sent but was dragged away by a tentacle.

"Corpse" Holding a Flamethrower[]

When Isaac heads towards the engine by passing through the airlock room, he will see a "corpse" entangled in Corruption, holding a Flamethrower. Isaac can take the Flamethrower and be on his way. What he doesn't appear to know is that the man is actually still alive, but motionless. If the player angles the camera, they can see that the man's health RIG is full and that his eyes are still open. If the player points their weapon at him, the reticles will turn green and they will not be able to shoot, indicating the NPC is alive. This indicates that the man is disturbingly alive but paralyzed from his attachment to the Corruption.

"Dead" Engineer[]

DSR Dying Engineer

The dying engineer reaches out to Isaac.

This survivor plays out the same role as his original counterpart. On the second floor of the Fuel Storage room, Isaac will see Swarmers exiting a room. When Isaac enters, a dying engineer slumped against the wall suddenly reaches out for Isaac before collapsing dead. During this time, Isaac can hear a growl behind, and when he exits, a Slasher is seen playing dead in front of the elevator, when it wasn't there before. It can be deduced that the Swarmers attacked and fatally wounded the engineer and, in his last moment, he attempted to warn Isaac of the danger behind.

Chapter 4: Obliteration Imminent[]

Vanishing Man[]

Vanishing Figure-DSR

The figure appears.

This "survivor" plays out the same role as his original counterpart. After Isaac takes the elevator to Water Purification, he sees a bloodied man standing at the doorway who says "Make us whole again" before disappearing behind the wall. The man cannot be found, as Isaac will encounter a Pregnant and an Enhanced Slasher when he travels down the same path. This is most likely a hallucination. He is named "Crew Member" in the subtitles.

Note: If the player runs after the man, he will move hastily and will disappear before Isaac reaches the doorway.

Screaming Woman[]

This survivor plays out the same role as her original counterpart. When Isaac takes the elevator down to Electrical Systems, he will hear an unseen woman screaming nearby. Neither the woman nor any signs of her can be found. This scream could be a hallucination.

Chapter 5: Lethal Devotion[]

Meeting Dr. Mercer[]

When Isaac enters the Security Station, Dr. Mercer locks all of the doors and introduces himself as a "doctor" over the intercom, believing Isaac is a survivor seeking "sanctuary". When Isaac inquires about Nicole's whereabouts and insists on finding her himself, Dr. Mercer recognizes who Isaac is and orders him to wait where he is. When Isaac turns off the Nicole broadcast that Mercer created, he puts Isaac in Stasis and personally introduces himself. After monologuing about the Marker and Convergence, he locks Isaac in the room with the Hunter. He later taunts Isaac over the intercom when he escapes the Hunter and then tries to kill him by flushing the poisonous air from Hydroponics into Medical. He makes his final appearance in this chapter in Cryogenics, where he reveals his plan to bring the Necromorphs to Earth to start Convergence before leaving Isaac to confront the Hunter once more.

Dr. Mercer's "Patients"[]

Before Isaac reached the Medical Deck, Dr. Mercer had been able to lure several crew members. Isaac can see four of them in Imaging Diagnostics, two of which are still alive but suffering. They are all laying down on medical tables, bloodied and in pain with their heads wrapped in bandages. They are restrained and have trouble breathing from a choker attached to the medical bed. Isaac is disturbed by the sight while Mercer tells him not to disturb his "patients" as they are part of his "research". Isaac cannot save them and has to abandon them when he is chased by the Hunter. When Isaac returns to go to Cryogenics, the two crew members are dead with their bodies slashed open, likely by the pursuing Hunter. It is later revealed that they were Hydroponic crew members sent by Elizabeth Cross to secure liquid nitrogen to create an enzyme that can kill the Leviathan.

Note: Other Necromorphs do not attack them despite the proximity and the chance to do so, instead only focusing on Isaac.

Dying Hydroponics Survivor[]

Lab Survivor (Remake)

The survivor sees Isaac.

This survivor is encountered in Dr. Mercer's Office and is laying on a medical table. Like the other survivors captured by Mercer, he was tortured and experimented on. When Isaac lifts the lockdown from Dr. Mercer’s Office, the survivor gasps awake. Isaac attempts to help him, but the survivor dissuades him and instead begs Isaac to acquire liquid nitrogen for Elizabeth Cross to save Hydroponics as the air is becoming too poisonous to breathe. He dies shortly after, but the revelation prompts Kendra and Isaac to prioritize investigating Hydroponics and work with Elizabeth Cross. He, like the other survivors (see above), was sent to acquire liquid nitrogen but was captured by Mercer.

In the subtitles, he is named "Survivor".

Chapter 6: Environmental Hazard[]

Meeting Elizabeth Cross[]

DSR Cross

Elizabeth Cross

When Isaac tries to enter Food Storage, Cross contacts him to dissuade him from entering, warning that the Leviathan will kill him. When Isaac tells her he has the liquid nitrogen for her enzyme, she recruits Isaac to inject the enzyme into the Wheezers, her former colleagues, so it will travel back to the Leviathan and weaken it so it can be vented out into space. When Isaac accomplishes this and both discover the Leviathan is still alive and strong enough to cling onto Food Storage when the airlock is open, she reluctantly allows Isaac to battle the creature. When the Leviathan is weakened enough, she vents it into space. She thanks Isaac and states she will stay in Hydroponics for a little while to monitor the air quality before going to the Mining Deck to find her boyfriend Jacob Temple. She reveals that the survivors on the Mining Deck were building an SOS beacon, and implores Isaac to head there as she hasn't heard from them in a while.

Chapter 7: Into the Void[]

Unitologists on the Crew Deck[]

DSR Marker Mercer Unitologists Prayer

Dr. Mercer leads a group of Unitologists in prayer in front of the Marker.

While Kendra and Isaac are discussing their next step in retrieving the SOS beacon, Hammond interrupts them, stating he is hiding in the vents on the Crew Deck from Unitologists as he disturbingly watches some of them kill each other in ritualistic manners, before disappearing again. He later contacts Kendra and Isaac again and shows a live video call of several Unitologists led by Dr. Mercer congregating and chanting around the Marker before it emits a pulse that disorients everyone.

Crawling Miner[]

Crawling Miner (Dead Space- Remake)

The crawling miner.

When Isaac rides the elevator down to Deck C: Mining, he hears the growls of some Necromorphs and one being killed before rounding the corner and seeing several laser traps. When he makes the first right, Isaac sees a Necromorph squished by a door trap and can see another growling on the other side before it disappears. When he enters the Extraction Area, he sees a dying miner with a severed arm and leg who crawls towards Isaac and reaches out for him before bleeding to death. The text log "Miner's Log" can be found in the same room. According to the log, this miner was one of a large number of survivors that rallied to the Mining Deck; stockpiling supplies, rigging traps, holding off repeated Necromorph attacks, and attempting to build the SOS beacon. Their camp, however, was eventually overrun and only recently when Isaac stumbled upon it.

This survivor mirrors the "Elevator Man" survivor in the original game.

Screams on the Processing Deck[]

As mentioned in Chapter 3, Isaac will hear faint screaming in various areas he visits/revisits. However, the ambient screams are more pronounced in Processing of the Mining Deck. This is due to the Mining Deck being the last deck to hold out before being overrun, and as it was only very recently overrun when Isaac arrived, there are seemingly still scattered survivors in the area.

"Nicole" Appears[]

DSR Marker Nicole Mining Deck

"Nicole" appears.

This encounter plays out the same as the original counterpart, but with a twist. When Isaac reaches the end of the Gondola ride in the Maintenance Bay, he has a heartful reunion with Nicole, but they are still separated on different platforms. Nicole helps unlock the door to the workshop so Isaac can get the beacon, although Isaac must protect himself and her from a Necromorph attack while she works on the door. Once it is over, they both promise to reunite again and Nicole leaves through another door. As revealed near the end of the game, the "Nicole" that Isaac was seeing is actually Elizabeth Cross and was done so by the Marker's manipulation.

In New Game +, if Isaac accesses the security recording near the door "Nicole" comes out of, it will reveal that Isaac was talking to Cross the whole time. Cross came down to Mining Deck to look for Jacob Temple after she was done with Hydroponics and stumbled upon Isaac after hearing his gunfire. Cross, likewise, noticed that something was off about Isaac based on his behavior towards her but nevertheless helped him out.

Chapter 8: Search and Rescue[]

Someone Listening into Comms[]

After Isaac survives the quarantine on the Bridge, he will be contacted by Daniels, who instructs Isaac to head to the Comms Array. At the end of their discussion, she warns Isaac to watch what he says as she believes that someone might be listening into their communications. The subtitle of this eavesdropper only says "[Signal Static]" and occurs several times throughout the chapter.

Note: This eavesdropper is speculated to be Dr. Kyne, as in the original game he mentions that he has been monitoring Isaac's progress the whole time and he could be doing the same in the remake.

Crawling Man[]

This survivor plays out the same role as his original counterpart. After riding the Gondola and entering Comms Maintenance, Isaac sees a bloodied man moaning and crawling for a bit before dying. The game's first Divider appears around the corner, indicating that it is what killed the survivor.

USM Valor Falls[]

CH08 0370 Valor Contact Videolog

Commander Cadigan

When Isaac fixes the Communications Array, he and Kendra receive a loop video recording from Commander Cadigan who informs the USG Ishimura that the USM Valor has picked up Escape Pod #47 and is approaching the Ishimura and awaiting their response. Isaac and Kendra panic, as the escape pod contains the Necromorph Chen, but are unable to warn the Valor of the danger because the Leviathan Remnant is blocking the long range antenna. After Isaac kills the Leviathan again, Kendra is able to deploy the long range antenna to warn the Valor not to open the escape pod. However, both of them witness, through a live video call, the ship losing control and a Marine getting killed by Chen. The Valor then crashes into the Ishimura.

Chapter 9: Dead on Arrival[]

Dr. Kyne Reveals Himself[]

DSR Valor Isaac and Kyne

Dr. Kyne contacts Isaac.

When Isaac takes the elevator down to the Torpedo Bay, he is contacted via live video call from Dr. Kyne. Kyne attempts to speak with Isaac to help him return the Marker to Aegis VII, but is met with scorn when he reveals he is a Unitologist. Isaac promptly hangs up on him.

Legless Marine[]

DSR Legless Marine

The Marine holding his severed leg.

This survivor plays out the same role as his original counterpart. Before Isaac heads to the Armory after disposing of the nuke, he can hear moaning on the other side of a dead end hallway blocked by a collapsed ceiling. When he exits the Armory, he will see a Marine moaning in pain and holding his severed leg before collapsing and dying from blood loss. He is in front of the Infirmary with the malfunctioning laser surgery machine, which is what most likely severed his leg when he attempted to cross.

Hammond Sacrifices Himself[]


Hammond is stabbed by the Necromorph form of Chen.

After Isaac suppresses the fire in the engine room and heads up to the singularity core, he will see Hammond fiddling with the computers to access the singularity core. However, he is locked inside with the Necromorph Chen due to the quarantine, and hallucinates that he is back on the Ishimura and that Chen is alive but gravely injured from the Slasher attack, telling Isaac to take him back to the Kellion. Isaac tries to warn Hammond to shoot Chen, but is too late as the Slasher stabs Hammond through his chest. Hammond comes back to his senses and, after declaring to the Necromorph that it is what killed his friend, sacrifices himself by pushing himself and "Chen" into the singularity core as Isaac watches helplessly, vaporizing both of them but disabling the core's electrical field and lifting the quarantine to allow Isaac to retrieve it.

Fleeing Marine[]

This survivor plays out the same role as his original counterpart, but in a different area and time of the chapter. After leaving the Mess Hall and heading towards the Barracks, Isaac will see an injured Marine running towards the Briefing Room as explosions and fires go off all over the Valor. A door closes behind him, preventing Isaac from chasing after him. When Isaac exits the Barracks and into the Air Lock area, he will hear the Marine briefly scream. He was either caught in an explosion or attacked by a Necromorph.

Chapter 10: End of Days[]

Singing Unitologist[]

When Isaac enters the Common Area, he sees the room littered with Unitology decorations, Marker graffities and dead Unitologists who committed ritualistic suicide. Isaac will hear someone singing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" in an ominous tone. Based on how close the source is, it sounds like they are on the third floor, which is locked by the elevator and needs a Crew Deck Keycard. When Isaac returns after getting the keycard from the Zero-G Gym, the singing has ceased. He can then enter the third floor and see more dead Unitologists and an Infector bursting through the vent.

Jacob Temple Confronts Dr. Mercer[]

Jacob "Based" Temple

Temple confronts Mercer with his Force Gun.

When Isaac enters Central Nexus, he witnesses Jacob Temple angrily confronting Dr. Mercer and shooting him with a Force Gun. Though moderately hurt, Mercer retaliates by freezing him with Stasis, declaring that Temple's usefulness has run out, and prepares to execute him. Isaac intervenes by asking Mercer to explain what Convergence is to delay Temple’s execution. After Mercer cryptically explains what it is, he tries to get Isaac to join his cause, and declares that what is happening on the Ishimura is just the beginning, prompting Isaac to say that he and the Marker can go to hell. Mercer then executes Temple by shooting him in the head while he is in Stasis, forcing him to suffer a slow and painful death. In the audio log "Last Word", Temple reveals he was lured off the Mining Deck (as seen in Chapter 7 in Processing) by Mercer and was held prisoner to "build something" to make the Marker start Convergence. Mercer likewise confiscated the modifications that would allow the Force Gun to instantly kill someone, which is why Temple couldn't kill Mercer when he confronted him in front of Isaac.

Insane Officer[]


The woman commits suicide.

When Isaac enters the Deluxe Quarter, he can hear a woman laughing. When he goes into the Deluxe Quiet Bunks room, he will see a senior officer sitting against a wall, laughing maniacally. All of the skin on her left arm is gone, though it is unknown if she did this to herself or if a Necromorph or someone else did this to her. After a little while, she pulls out a pistol with her right hand and blows her own head off. She is very likely a Unitologist. She is named "Crew Member" in the subtitles.

This survivor replaces the "Unitologist Woman" survivor encounter in the original game.

Dr. Kyne Enlists Isaac's Help[]

DSR Kyne and Isaac

Dr. Kyne speaking to Isaac.

When Isaac enters the Chief Steward's Offices, he can hear Dr. Kyne talking to "Amelia" under the Marker-induced hallucinations. When Isaac makes himself known and demands to be let into the Inquiry Desks room to destroy the last Corruption tendril, Kyne instead shows Isaac footage of the Hive Mind on Aegis VII and explains what it is. He pleads with Isaac to help him return the Marker to Aegis VII, stating that it would stop the Necromorph outbreak by putting the Hive Mind to sleep. Isaac, wanting to end the outbreak for good, agrees. Dr. Kyne explains he will distract Mercer for as long as he can while Isaac installs the core on the Executive Shuttle, loads the Marker and preps the shuttle for launch. He thanks Isaac for helping him before letting him in to destroy the last tendril while he disappears into the Maintenance Hall, seemingly holding "Amelia" by the arm. Isaac can enter the Maintenance Hall but cannot pursue Kyne further as the next door is inaccessible. Dr. Kyne later pilots the shuttle and assists Kendra and Isaac in the next chapter before dying from Kendra's betrayal.

Dr. Mercer's Death[]

DSR Mercer Crushed

Mercer's death.

After Isaac kills the Hunter, he is grabbed by a tentacle and hangs onto the shuttle for dear life. Mercer then comes over and rages at Isaac for killing his Hunter, before turning to the Marker and begging it to bring Convergence. He is initially thrilled when a tentacle appears, but is soon confused and despaired when it wraps around him and the Marker and drags them down to the Cargo Bay, screaming that he was promised Convergence. He is squeezed to death by the tentacle crushing him against the Marker.

Chapter 11: Alternate Solutions[]

Dr. Kyne's Death and Kendra's Betrayal[]

DSR Kyne Death

Kyne dies after being shot by Kendra.

Dr. Kyne picks up Kendra sometime after Isaac retrieves the Marker from the Cargo Bay. He pilots the shuttle into the Hangar Bay and waits for Isaac to load the Marker onto the shuttle. When Isaac completes that task, Kendra tells Kyne to meet Isaac outside the shuttle. As Isaac approaches Kyne, Kendra shoots the doctor through the gut and pilots the shuttle out of the Ishimura. Kyne reaches and calls out for his hallucination of his late wife Amelia, before succumbing to his wounds. Kendra reveals to Isaac that she is an agent for EarthGov, how the USM Valor was supposed to help her, the origins of Marker 3A, why Aegis VII was off-limits, and her mission to retrieve the Marker. Isaac condemns her actions, stating they need to return the Marker to Aegis VII to stop the Hive Mind. Kendra responds that the Marker can only be contained by EarthGov, and thanks Isaac for his assistance in her mission, believing that he will find another way off the Ishimura. Isaac responds angrily by denouncing that Kendra and EarthGov's actions will be the death of humanity. When Isaac recalls the shuttle back to the Ishimura, Kendra frustratingly states to Isaac that he doesn't know what he's doing before using an escape pod to travel down to the planet.

"Nicole" in Flight Control[]

DSR Isaac and Marker Nicole

"Nicole" in Flight Control.

After Kendra betrays Kyne and Isaac and leaves the latter stranded on the Ishimura, "Nicole" will contact Isaac to meet her in Flight Control. There, she reunites with Isaac and instructs him to recall the shuttle back to the planet cracker, forcing Kendra to use an escape pod down to the planet. She accompanies Isaac to Aegis VII and assists him in bringing the Marker back to the pedestal in Chapter 12.

Chapter 12: Dead Space[]

Confrontation with Kendra[]

DSR Isaac and Kendra Truth

Kendra confronts Isaac about his manipulation by the Marker.

After Isaac returns the Marker to the pedestal and enters the Control Room to restart the gravity tethers to slow down the payload from dropping onto the planet, he will see Kendra holding "Nicole" hostage. Kendra berates Isaac for what he's done and calls him delusional. She forces Isaac to watch the end of Nicole's video to witness her suicide. This breaks the Marker's hold on Isaac and Cross, who were manipulated into seeing each other as their respective loved ones, Nicole and Jacob Temple, and forcing the two to accept the reality that their lovers are dead. Kendra threatens to kill Cross if she doesn't give her the loader remote, to Isaac's protest. Cross goads her to do it, stating she has nothing left to lose, which Kendra obliges. Kendra then transports the Marker back to the shuttle, with Isaac racing back in a different route. When Isaac catches up to her, she holds him at gunpoint to stay back as she attempts to board the shuttle. She is then knocked aside by the Hive Mind. Isaac attempts to save her, with Kendra reaching out and pleading to him before being crushed by the Hive Mind.

Revisiting Previous Areas[]

Isaac will occasionally revisit previously explored areas in order to complete his side missions or unlock previously inaccessible containers, lockers, and room when he upgrades his security clearance. From here, Isaac can hear nearby but unfindable survivors screaming, fighting off Necromorphs with P-Sec Pistols, and/or getting dragged into the vents.

Known instances:

  • Isaac can return to Medical to scan the Hunter tissue sample for the "Premeditated Malpractice" side mission. When he enters the Main Lab Changing Room (the room with the Power Node Bench), he can hear nearby survivors struggling to fend off Necromorphs with their guns. The gunshots eventually die down, but the survivors can still be heard screaming. If Isaac travels through to the Biological Prosthetics Center, he will encounter swarms of Necromorphs and eventually hear more gunshots and screams when he heads up to the Limb Stimulation Therapy room.
  • Also during "Premeditated Malpractice", when Isaac travels to Hydroponics Control to complete it, he can hear gunshots and screams when exiting the gas-filled Nutrition Systems room.
  • On the Engineering Deck, Isaac can head back to the Machine Shop area to unlock the Master Security level container and will also hear gunshots and screams.
  • There is one randomly-triggered occasion while traveling through the tram. It abruptly stops and Isaac can hear a Necromorph climbing on top of the tram or the rails before going elsewhere. A moment later, a nearby scream can be heard, implying the Necromorph was trying to get into the tram but instead found an easier prey to pursue.

Dead Space 2[]

Chapter 1: Where Am I?[]

Franco Delille Fails His Mission[]

Chapter 1 Franco

Franco Delille

In the opening of Dead Space 2, Franco wakes Isaac out of stasis while speaking to Daina Le Guin. He gets stabbed by an Infector once in the chest, and then in the forehead. He then quickly mutates into a Slasher, who is then head-butted away by Isaac. His Slasher form is later encountered in the game.

Asylum Patients[]

Chapter 1 patients

One of the asylum patients.

As Isaac attempts to escape the Necromorphs that appear after Franco's transformation, three patients can be seen trapped in their glass booths. The patients are ultimately left to die as they have no way of escaping the numerous Slashers and Infectors that pour into the room.

Two of the patients clearly are suffering from Marker Dementia, as there is Unitology graffiti on their glass booths. They are not trying to escape and just stand still, looking at the Necromorphs nearby and awaiting their impending deaths. The log "Shit the bed" suggests that one of these two patients is "Patient 3".

The third patient, however, is desperately trying to escape and even slams his chest into the glass, splashing blood everywhere from a recent chest wound he had received. Unfortunately, there is nothing the player can do to set him free.

Later, Isaac will pass by an observation room above the glass booths, and it can be seen that two of the patients died: Patient 3 and the patient trying to escape. The other patient is nowhere to be seen.

Flatlining Patient[]

Chapter 1 patients2

The flatlining patient.

As Isaac gets up after dealing with the Slasher that pinned him down, you can hear a faint sigh and a flatline suddenly going off at one of the nearby beds; the man's last breath. You can never see this man move.

Two Security Officers[]

Chapter 1 security

The two security officers.

Isaac comes across two security officers who are apparently looking for him. One of them yells out "Clarke! Take him down!" and they begin firing at Isaac. Before they can land a hit, one of them gets stabbed and taken up into an air vent in the ceiling by an unseen Necromorph (possibly a variant of the Leaper, since the tail structure is similar). The other officer stops firing and examines the air vent, only to suffer the same fate as his partner. As Isaac approaches, blood drips down like a waterfall from the vent opening. The Necromorph responsible then makes its way noisily across the ceiling, dropping a completely dismembered torso of one of the officers through a separate vent. The other officer can be heard screaming from inside the vent as the Necromorph drags him to someplace else, and a flatline sound is heard almost immediately afterward.

The Demise of Foster Edgars[]

Chapter 1 Foster

Foster Edgars holding the scalpel against Isaac's throat.

When Isaac passes through the observation room overlooking the patient recreation room during his escape from the asylum, he finds Foster Edgars giggling to himself and carving into the observation window. Clearly insane, Edgars seizes Isaac as he attempts to slip by and holds a scalpel to his throat. Edgars manically states that Hans Tiedemann has ordered that all the "key subjects are to be terminated", and says "What's one more?".

This statement, Foster's blood covered clothing, and the fact that the next room contains several deceased patients all with cut throats, suggests that he had already killed several other people before Isaac encounters him. Isaac tries to convince Edgars to help him remove the straitjacket so they can escape together. Edgars suddenly appears to stab Isaac in the stomach, but he actually cuts the restraints of the straitjacket. He then mentions Isaac's RIG being red, and indicates a supply locker with a Med Pack and a Flashlight inside. As Isaac turns around after retrieving both items, Edgars says "Isaac, we're all gonna burn for what we did to you..." before casually slitting his own throat, falling against a window, sliding to the floor, and choking to death on his own blood. His corpse is later found by Gabe Weller.

Man On Operating Table[]

Chapter 1 patients3

The man on the operating table.

At some point, after progressing through the hospital, Isaac hears pleas for help coming from inside an observation room. When Isaac enters, he discovers a man strapped to an operating table who apparently had been having heart surgery done, but was abandoned during the initial attack. The man's chest has a gaping hole open from mid-surgery. Isaac notices a device above the man that uses a plasma cutter to perform operations, and decides to take it off of the machine and use it to cut the man free.

As Isaac hacks a computer panel to get the cutter off the machine, however, a Slasher passes by the entrance to the room, notices the duo, and walks into the chamber, attacking the man. Although initially fighting the Slasher off using his legs, the man quickly has his right leg chopped off, followed by repeated stab wounds to the opening in his chest and decapitation. By the time Isaac frees the plasma cutter from the machine and combines it with his flashlight, the man has already been butchered. Nothing can be done to save him. When Gabe Weller returns to this room in Dead Space 2: Severed, a lone, legless Stalker appears, though since it has a head, it cannot be this man unless there was a bug or error. The man has the same face as Director Tiedemann.

Note: Isaac can use Kinesis to throw pieces at the man. If they hit his head or a limb, it will come off. It is possible to completely dismember the man, but he will still be alive and the Slasher will still attack him.

People on Audio log[]

Chapter 1 security2

A dead security guard with an audio log playing.

Isaac finds a corpse of a security guard that has an audio log playing near it. One trooper is in disbelief that he blew off a Necromorph's legs, and that it kept on coming. Another replies that Necromorphs need to be completely dismembered to be killed. It is possible these troops are elsewhere in the hospital, trying to kill off any other patients. If Isaac stays there and listens to the conversation long enough, it will eventually just be the sounds of a Necromorph growling (although not loudly).

Nurses Being Attacked by Pukers[]

Chapter 1 doctors

One of the nurses dying from a Puker.

Chapter 1 doctors2

The other nurse who is dying from the Puker.

After Isaac enters the morgue, a nurse crawls around the corner. Something behind the corner sprays him with caustic fluid, violently burning him and causing him to collapse before dying. His body is covered in blisters when approached. When Isaac rounds the corner, he witnesses a female nurse being vomited on and killed by the game's first Puker, which then attacks. They both die no matter how quickly the Puker is dispatched. If Isaac waits before entering the room with the female nurse, he can hear several screams of agony as the nurse gets burned by the Puker. The screams are on a loop.

It should be noted that the female nurse shares the same character model as the nurse Rachel Tatchet seen in the Dead Space 2: Severed DLC. Whether this was intentional by the developers of the game, or just the practicality of sharing the same model, is unknown.

Note: A glitch occurs if you kill the Puker holding the female nurse before it can puke on her. When the Puker is killed, the female nurse will stand straight up then fall over dead.

Nolan Stross Finds Isaac[]

Chapter 1 Stross

Nolan Stross speaking to Isaac before the security door closes.

While trying to escape the asylum, Isaac meets Nolan Stross. Stross tries to help Isaac escape, but the two get separated by a security gate.

At some point during the second chapter of the game, Stross contacts Isaac over a radio transmission. He can be seen in person across a courtyard, leaning over a railing shouting to Isaac. After a short conversation where Stross gives directions, he gives Isaac a warning, seconds before a Leaper crawls over the railing towards Isaac.

Chapter 2: I Need Transportation[]

Waves of Ships Leaving[]

Sprawl Evac Shuttle (1)

Shortly after leaving the Working Tools shop, two small ships can be seen through a window following the evacuation orders, taking off and successfully leaving the Sprawl. They are followed by several others in the distance and one which passes very close to the window.

After this, if the player waits in the area, other ships will cross the sky indefinitely in groups of five. This indicates that an undisclosed number of individuals managed to escape from the outbreak under Tiedemann's evacuation order.

Screaming Around the Initial Corridors[]

When Isaac enters the first corridor after witnessing the ships leaving, loud screams of countless people are heard indefinitely as the level ambience. These screams are also heard in the corridor where Isaac spots Nolan Stross, since it's in the same atrium.

These voices certainly are from the crowds of people seen running to the evacuation centers and the people in their apartments, showing that a large amount of people are still alive in Titan Heights at that moment. As Isaac distances himself from the area, the ambience progressively changes for silence. By the time Isaac reaches the entrance of the tram station, there are no more audible signs of human life.

Slasher Victim Trying to Escape[]

Chapter 2 citizens5

The woman about to be attacked.

When Isaac enters the Titan Heights Apartment, a woman is seen backing away from something behind the corner. She notices Isaac and turns to him, and a Slasher's blade suddenly slices her in the back and knocks her to the floor. The Slasher then jumps on her back and violently stabs her multiple times, before attacking Isaac.

Note: The Slasher can be killed before the woman is attacked, but the woman will still fall, blood will spray from her back and she will die regardless of Isaac's actions, as this event is scripted.

Notably, this scene was featured in the "Sprawl" teaser trailer for Dead Space 2 and official screenshots.

Several Fleeing Civilians[]

Chapter 2 citizens1

The fleeing civilians.

After the explosion in the apartment blocks off entrance to the lobby, several survivors can be seen fleeing to a hallway. Another survivor on the floor is seen holding onto a corpse near an Infector and sobbing while a nearby woman holding her gut stumbles out of the lobby. An additional three survivors can be seen sprinting into the hallway, one of them looking back at the lobby, two more survivors coming in from the right, one holding his arm, and three survivors seen running off in the hallway at a distance.

After the gate closes, shadows of more survivors running through the corridor can be seen indefinitely until the player leaves the area.

Note: It is still possible to kill the Infector, and grab its corpse with Kinesis. Should the player not interfere, the Infector will turn a corpse into a Slasher, but they will not attack the man sobbing. This certainly was an oversight by the developers, since there is no reason for the Slasher to refrain from attacking the man.

Notably, this scene was featured in the "Sprawl" teaser trailer for Dead Space 2.

Elevator Man[]

Deadspace2 survivorElevatorMan

The elevator man.

DS2 Elevator Man Death

An outside view of the elevator man's death.

As Isaac ascends in an elevator in the apartments, the elevator comes to a halt and the lights go out. Someone is heard shouting and running outside the doors, which open halfway between floors, allowing a man on the other side an attempt to crawl in through the small gap in the doors. However, a Slasher impales him in the chest and sprays the elevator's floor with blood as the elevator begins working again; the last sight of the survivor is him being dragged away around the corner by the Slasher.

You can not save the man due to Isaac's reaction to the man's death. If Isaac aims at the area where the Slasher comes through (or any area) and tries to shoot the Slasher's arm right before it impales the man, he will gasp in a shocked manner while holding his left hand up to his face (front of suit visor), appearing to hide the man's fate from Isaac's sight.

Note: This survivor uses the face of Dan Emmerson, who won the "Get Dismembered in Dead Space 2" contest with his entry, Meat Cello, which is used in the game.

Cowering Survivor[]

Chapter 2 citizens7

The cowering survivor.

In the same room as the elevator man is a man sitting on the floor. If one looks closely, it is possible to see that his RIG health indicator is dropping fast from yellow to the minimum red, indicating that he is dying from non-visible injuries.

While the elevator doors close before his fate can be seen, he is presumably killed by the Slasher that kills the elevator man. The last we see of him is him shaking in pain, apparently unable to move due to his wounds.

Distant Fleeing Survivors[]

Chapter 2 citizens8

The fleeing survivors.

Fleeing survivors can be seen behind Nolan Stross as he talks with Isaac. On the floors above and below, several other survivors will sporadically run into view, being chased by Pukers and Slashers. All of these survivors' fates are unknown, though they either escaped or were killed by Necromorphs or even killed when the Sprawl explodes.

After the Leaper attack, Stross leaves the balcony, but more survivors being chased through the corridor are seen indefinitely until the player leaves the area.

Note: If one is accurate enough, they can shoot the Necromorphs chasing the survivors and they will drop items. The player will eventually pass through this area and will be able to collect them. The Pukers fall down when shot; the Slashers will continue running, but still drop an item as if killed.

Women Running[]

Deadspace2 survivorWomenRunning

Before entering Hallway 405 413, on the left of the balcony where Nolan Stross appears, it is possible to see a woman quickly heading towards a closed door. Another woman holding her stomach follows her trying to keep pace.

Note: If you watch their path to the end, it seems that they are entering the very same corridor Isaac is in, they might be going for an alternative escape path or evacuation center; albeit this was probably overlooked by the developers, as the player is supposed to direct all attention to Stross during his dialogue.

Man Losing Consciousness[]

Deadspace2 survivorManLosingConsciousness

On the floor below Nolan Stross, there is a man sitting against a wall who loses consciousness and slips onto the floor, his RIG indicating that he is still alive. If Isaac waits in the area, some survivors will be seen fleeing from Slashers and ignoring him.

After some time, the survivors will stop appearing and a lonely Puker will patrol the corridor, also ignoring him, apparently not noticing that he is alive. Even a Leaper who enters the area by the balcony, undoubtedly seeing him, also refrains from attacking. The player can kill the Leaper and the Puker, clearing the corridor of Necromorphs, but the fate of the man remains unknown.

Family On the Run[]

Deadspace2 survivorFamilyontherun

The couple.

When Isaac heads into Hallway 405 413, he sees a man and a woman running away from their apartment, but the woman says she cannot leave her mother, and attempts to run back into the apartment. The man says it is too late, and forcibly grabs her by the waist, dragging her off as she cries out for her mom. Moments after, the game's second female Slasher attacks Isaac by bursting out of a nearby apartment door. Their fate is unknown and they cannot be seen running down the hallway or entering any doors.

The couple's apartment door is left open; Isaac can enter to find the room in shambles, with a ventilation shaft above the bed burst open. When the bathroom is approached, a legless Puker crawls out and attacks. This may have been the woman's mother, but the answer is generally left up to the player's interpretation. 

This scene is seen from another perspective in the launch trailer for Dead Space 2. The inside of the apartment can be seen while the couple argues and there is no sign of an elderly woman inside. This suggests that the mother was either dragged into the vent above the bed by a Necromorph or, in fact, she was the Puker.

Note: Even if Isaac manages to kill the female Slasher extremely quickly, there will be an invisible barrier preventing you from going any further until the man and woman leave.

Several Unseen Survivors[]

Chapter 2 citizens4
Chapter 2 citizens9

Throughout the apartment complex, several survivors can be heard in their apartments when Isaac approaches the doors. Judging from the sounds, they are presumably killed by Necromorphs or insane people.

  • At the same corridor Isaac talks with Stross (see above), a woman can be heard begging someone on the other side to stay away from the door, then suddenly screaming hysterically before being cut off.
  • Near the woman begging, as she screams, a male voice can be heard grunting in pain. This suggests that she may have been attacked by an insane man rather than a Necromorph. He is heard continuously until Isaac leaves the area.
  • In the same corridor with the fleeing couple (see above), another couple can be heard near one of the doors. A man screams to a woman "They're coming in through the walls!" before a roar is heard and both of them are heard screaming.
  • Also in the corridor where the couple is seen, an elderly woman can be heard crying. It is unknown if she is the woman's mother or a neighbor, as she is heard right in front of a locked door with a wheelchair nearby.
  • When walking through the laundry room, you can hear the pounding and muffled screams of a child stuck inside one of the washing machines, shaking it. When the power goes out, the washing machine stops shaking and the child falls silent.
  • There is a clearly terrified man who has locked himself in his apartment, warning others that he is armed. Apparently, he mistakes Isaac for a Sprawl Security officer working on the evacuation. He is paranoid and prefers to remain in his apartment instead of trying to escape, making a stand and resisting, even willing to shoot the security officers should they try to break inside to rescue him.
  • At the same corridor of the terrified man, a woman can be heard near the log "Titan Part 1", talking frantically. It seems that she also hears Isaac walking through the corridor and tells him to stay away repeatedly, but it is hard to make out accurately what she says.
  • In the same corridor as the crawling woman (see below), a crying baby is heard as well. The infant's cries suddenly stop with no apparent explanation. Some theorize that the crawling woman is the mother trying to reach her child.

Two Ships Leaving[]

Sprawl Evac Shuttle (2)

Right after Isaac exits the laundry room where he got ambushed by Necromorphs, a close ship can be seen outside, leaving the station, probably EarthGov evacuating the station. After this, another ship can be seen leaving the station in the distance, both getting away seemingly unscathed.

Man Holding an Injured Woman[]

Chapter 2 citizens10

When Isaac reaches the terrace, a man holding a critically injured woman can be seen on the balcony under where he came from. The man also seems to be gesturing at a third unseen survivor on the left. Their fates are unknown. If Isaac returns here later on, both (or possibly all three) are gone, with no sign that they were killed or turned into Necromorphs. It seems that both share the models of the " Fleeing Couple".

Crawling Woman[]

Deadspace2 survivorCrawlingWoman

After exiting the elevator on the floor with the "Family on the Run" (see above), the path to the right of the elevator has a gate lowered to quarantine the area. Behind the gate, apparently not noticing Isaac, is a woman who crawls toward the gate, crying and begging while leaving behind a trail of blood, who then stops and likely dies. If Isaac comes back to this area later on, the body is missing and a trail of hand prints can be seen leading to a broken air duct, implying she was transformed into a Leaper.

Crashing Ships[]

Sprawl Evac Shuttle (3)

When Isaac first enters the waiting room, right before the tram station, a ship starts taking off, but suddenly another ship plunges into it, causing them both to crash into the building, leaving large cracks on the window that Isaac is looking through, with Isaac uttering "Holy shit!" as he witnesses this.

Chapter 3: I'm Back to Walking Again[]

Unseen Woman[]

Chapter 3 concourse

While in the mall, in the same room where Isaac is first attacked by the Pack, a woman can be heard occasionally laughing. There are numerous stores nearby, suggesting that she may be hidden inside one of them.

The laughing sound is not part of the ambiance of any of the stores, since it can be heard even when Isaac is distant from them. It can be assumed that this woman is more likely not a hallucination, but someone who succumbed to dementia.

Later, during Chapter 6, Isaac will pass by this same corridor right after meeting Ellie Langford. The corridor has Corruption growing and the laughing is not heard anymore, suggesting that she died in the meantime. It is also possible, though unlikely, that this woman is the same woman who hugs a Crawler in Chapter 6, since it is a nearby area.

First Attack from the EarthGov Gunship[]

An EarthGov Gunship sent to kill Isaac is encountered twice in this chapter. Firstly, when Isaac reaches the main atrium of the Cassini Towers, the gunship will fly over a large window and spot Isaac. For unknown reasons, it will not attack Isaac this time, even if the player stands still in plain sight.

After this first glimpse of the gunship, when Isaac reaches the main entrance of the Church of Unitology, the gunship will suddenly appear and open fire through a stained glass window, creating a vacuum. The gunship will stay in the area and keep shooting at Isaac, causing damage until he enters the church.

Chapter 5: Cold and Cryptic[]

Daina Le Guin and Her Assistants[]

Chapter 5 daina2

Upon finally reaching Daina's safehouse, her assistants proceed to ambush Isaac, grabbing him from both sides and holding him. She proceeds to explain why she, a Unitologist, wants him - to help make more Markers and spread "Glorious Convergence". However, just as she begins preparations to take Isaac to the shuttle, one of Tiedemann's gunships manages to spot them and begins firing at the windows - blasting one of Daina's arms off and then bisecting her at the waist. What's left of her is then sucked into the vacuum of space, so even if she somehow survived being torn to pieces, she did not last long.

Chapter 5 daina

Daina's helpers, two men who are presumably also Unitologists, help keep Isaac held as she talks to him. When the gunship arrives and starts firing, the right assistant is decapitated in the chaos, and as everything begins to be sucked into space, the left assistant tries to cling onto Isaac but is quickly kicked away and sucked into space.

Second Attack from the EarthGov Gunship[]

EarthGov Gunship - Chapter 5

The gunship encountered in Chapter 3 is once more encountered at the end of Chapter 5, killing Daina and her assistants. The gunship is finally destroyed when Isaac is being chased by the Tormentor, as Isaac shoots the gunship's fuel canisters.

Chapter 6: I Need Some Transportation[]

Ellie Langford Appears[]

Chapter 6 Ellie

Isaac first meets Ellie during his second visit of the Concourse. She is holding her ground behind a security gate blocking the elevator used by the player in Chapter 3. When approached, she threatens Isaac and refuses to join him. She does, however, allow Isaac to use the elevator after she does, but not before warning him not to follow her.

This scene is seen from a different perspective in the launch trailer for Dead Space 2. It is shown that Ellie's RIG indicates half health during this sequence.

Woman Hugging a Crawler[]

Chapter 6 crazy

When Isaac enters Titan Elementary, he walks by a nursery window with a woman suffering from dementia on the other side. The woman, looking at something in the corner of the room, says "Come to momma!" and a Crawler emerges from under a table, slowly making its way towards her. As she kneels down, the Crawler crawls into her arms, its grotesque anatomy causing its head to face Isaac as he looks on. As the mother gently cradles the infected baby, it suddenly screams, and then explodes, taking both of their lives and drenching the viewing window with their remains. After this, Isaac has his first fight with the Crawlers in the next room. This is one of the few times a survivor (mentally stable or otherwise) acts positively to a Necromorph, and also proves that Crawlers can self detonate at will.

Distant Screaming[]

Chapter 6 distant

Some time after the first fight against the Crawlers, someone can be heard screaming in the distance only for it to abruptly stop, the survivor presumably killed.

Chapter 10: Déjà Vu on the Ishimura[]

Voices Singing[]

On the Bridge of the USG Ishimura, at the room with the escape pods outside the Captain's Nest, two voices can be heard faintly singing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star". It can best be heard by standing on or near the elevator platform.

Judging by the large amount of hallucinations Isaac is having inside of the Ishimura, it is likely that these voices are hallucinations as well. However, the log "Cursed Ship" shows that there were workers repairing the ship before the Necromorph outbreak, opening the possibility that these voices are from remaining survivors who became insane with the Marker's effects. The multiplayer map Escape further shows that even a Security Team was there before.

Chapter 13: Government Sector[]

Sprawl Security Officers[]

Chapter 13 security1

Upon entering Government Sector, Isaac encounters a firing squad-style line of security officers, with riot shields and Pulse Rifles. They demand Isaac to disarm immediately, and open fire in seconds. The troops are later wiped out when Isaac cuts the power, letting the Necromorphs into Government Sector. The riot line, which would have been effective against human assailants, can do nothing to prevent the massacre of the entire sector. The security officers are then killed by a charge of thousands of Pukers, Slashers, Pregnants and even the Ubermorph.

Interestingly, Isaac is unable to fire at the officers: if attempted, he lowers his weapon instead. Isaac can be killed by the Sprawl Security Officers at this point in the game. If Isaac approaches them after the first warning, they will start shooting and throwing grenades at him, which will partially dismember Isaac.

Screaming During the Necromorph Invasion[]

DS2 Chapter 13 security2

After the log "You Bastard" plays, if the player waits in the area near the unplugged Power Cell, Necromorphs can be heard continuously roaring along with some human screams. These human screams will quickly decrease as Isaac descends to the lower room, and will completely vanish when he leaves the security checkpoint to the Project Entrance.

Distant human screams can be heard randomly through the first half of the chapter as part of the ambience. These are more likely to be real rather than hallucinations, meant to represent the Necromorphs sweeping the facility for any remaining survivors. From the bridge to the Marker Lab onwards, the Government Sector falls silent.

Scientist Killed by a Slasher[]

Chapter 13 survivor1

Right after the security scan where Isaac has to use the RIG of Lars Nordstrom, inside the Analyzation Lab One, a long roar is heard followed by a male scream. Further ahead a Slasher is spotted running to a vent, leaving the corpse of a researcher behind, suggesting it killed him right before Isaac's arrival.

Security Officer Dragged to a Vent[]

Chapter 13 survivor2

When Isaac leaves Lab One, in the short corridor before the Project Annex, another roar is heard followed by a faint human voice. Briefly upon entering the room, the corpse of a security officer will hang from a vent and fall headless, suggesting the officer was just beheaded by a Necromorph.

The corpse is in front of a supply room, suggesting that he may have tried to hide inside and failed to do so because it needed a Power Node to unlock. If Isaac unlocks the room, a lone Divider will burst from another vent and attack, possibly being the Necromorph who killed the officer.

Battle Inside the Data Monitoring room[]

GovSec Massacre Room

After dodging the lasers in the Marker Reconstruction chamber, Isaac will come across a hallway leading to the Data Monitoring room. If you wait a little before opening the door, human screams and Necromorph growls will be heard. Entering the room will only reveal corpses of Slashers and security officers.

Chapter 15: It Ends Here[]

Hans Tiedemann in Person[]

Deadspace2 2015-12-30 11-48-37-765

Tiedemann contacts Isaac throughout the game but is finally confronted in front of the Site 12 Marker in the final chapter. Utilizing a Javelin Gun, Tiedemann almost kills Isaac. Isaac narrowly escapes death and disarms Tiedemann before proceeding to kill him with his own gun.


EarthGov Gunship Rescue[]

EarthGov Gunship - Outbreak Pack

This is the only survivor encounter in the multiplayer mode from Dead Space 2, introduced in the Outbreak Pack free DLC. During the mission of the map Concourse, a team of four Titan Security officers must send a distress signal to call an EarthGov Gunship being used for rescues, before they are overrun by the Necromorphs entering the area.

If the human team succeeds, the final cutscene shows the gunship approaching to take them. The officers probably were then taken to the Government Sector, as, eventually, Tiedemann ordered all the remaining squads to fall back to the Government Sector.

According to the map's description, multiple gunships were being used to rescue survivors and that was just one of them. Thus, it is unlikely that this gunship was the same one destroyed by Isaac, the same one used by Victor Bartlett or the same one found by Ellie Langford.

Dead Space 2: Severed[]

The Demise of Colin Price[]


Colin Price was a member of Gabe Weller's security team. When Gabe meets him in the mines, Price is badly injured and looking down at Gabe from a platform above him. He tells him that he locked all of the doors, but explains that the Necromorphs are coming through the vents. After he says this, he turns around and makes several moans and grunts. By the time Gabe reaches him, an Infector has already turned him into the game's first Twitcher. It is impossible to save him.

Victor Bartlett in Person[]


Victor Bartlett was the leader of Security Team Alpha. After his team was slaughtered, he was given orders by Tiedemann to exterminate all of the key subjects, including Gabe's wife, Lexine. Bartlett is barely able to fight through the waves of Necromorphs until he reaches Lexine, where he is incapacitated by two Oracles, who abduct Lexine. Once Gabe reaches Lexine at the shuttle, Bartlett ambushes him with a live grenade. It goes off, killing Bartlett and severing Gabe's right leg, and he soon succumbs to his wounds.

Head-Banging Survivor[]


In the overlook of the operation room in the hospital, a loud banging can be heard. When Gabe takes the elevator down to the main operating section, he sees a man with a bandaged head banging his head against the window, much like the one from the original Dead Space. The man collapses out of view as Gabe approaches the window. When Gabe enters the operation room, the man lays in the same spot, but as it turns out, he is torn in half at the waist. A blood trail leads from his now dead upper half to his severed legs, which still lie in the center of the room. Oddly enough, his RIG is blue and at full health, even though his legs are severed. Once he dies, it quickly changes.

Lexine's Abduction and Escape[]

Gabe encounters his wife for the first time when he is standing over the cell where she is being held hostage by Victor Bartlett. After Lexine calls out to Gabe, two Oracles appear, incapacitate Bartlett and take her away.

Lexine's Abductors[]


Two mysterious men (Oracles) who try to escape with Lexine and her unborn child after subduing Bartlett. Being Oracles, they are unnaturally calm concerning the situation around them. Weller chases them throughout the hospital, nearly catching them several times. They are killed by Infectors just a few feet away from their escape shuttle, and turn into Twitchers who are in return killed by Gabe.

Dead Space 3[]


Fodder's Victim Escapes The Mule[]

DeadSpace3 Chp0 MuleCrewman

When Tim Caufman and Sam Ackerman manage to open the emergency door of The Mule, a wounded SCAF Legionary immediately jumps out with an axe buried in his back. He dies from his wounds moments later, revealing two Fodders behind him, one of which picks up the axe.

Chapter 1: Rude Awakening[]

Countless Ships in the Sky[]


During the first half of the chapter, civilian ships are seen crossing the sky through the windows indefinitely. Presumably, these are people going about their normal routines before noticing what is happening, and later, people trying to escape from the terrorists.

As the chapter progresses with the Circle attack on the New Horizons Lunar Colony, less and less ships will be seen. By the time Isaac and John Carver reach the rendezvous point of the extraction team, even before the Luna Marker is activated, there are no more ships in the sky, indicating almost all active ships as well as the evacuators left as soon as the Circle started their onslaught.

Isaac's Neighbors[]

DeadSpace3 Chp1 Neighbours

When walking by the Red Moon Apartments, a baby is heard crying followed by people mumbling, presumably the toddler's parents. A dog barking can be heard as well in another part of the corridor, but their owner is nowhere to be heard.

Bystander Executed by the Circle[]

DeadSpace3 Chp1 BystanderExecuted

Shortly after leaving the sewers, in the alley before the freeway with automated A.I. vehicles, a Unitologist Soldier is heard asking a woman if she has seen Isaac Clarke. The woman answers that she does not know anyone with his description and tries to run, but is shot right after turning around. She falls on the floor, crawling in pain, and dies.

After her death, her corpse becomes a solid object and cannot be moved. Isaac and Carver will also refuse to shoot her corpse.

New Horizons Security Officer at Danik's Mercy[]

DeadSpace3 Chp1 NortonExtraction

At the top floor of the DredgerCorp building, a New Horizons Security Force extraction team was waiting for Isaac and Carver. However, Jacob Danik and the Circle got there first and murdered the team.

By the time Isaac and Carver arrive, there is one last member being kept alive as a hostage. He is executed with a shot to the head by Danik himself when he sees that his targets have been subdued, rendering the hostage useless.

Man Behind Closing Gate[]

DeadSpace3 Chp1 DyingMan

Right after leaving the elevator to the commercial area of the DredgerCorp building, a man is heard moaning. He is found nearby, fallen on the floor, trying to stand up and reach a closing gate.

He apparently dies from his wounds, but Isaac and Carver will refuse to shoot his body, just like the woman from earlier (see above). There is an audio warning playing on the corridor informing that the place's AI has detected someone wounded and that a medical team is supposed to be on the way, indicating that it is possible that he is still alive. If Isaac and Carver return to this area later, he (or his corpse) will have disappeared.

Couple On the Run[]

DeadSpace3 Chp1 CoupleOnTheRun

On the same corridor with the dying man, a man and a woman can be seen running, briefly looking behind. There is no way to follow them, since a gate will close before they can be reached.

This scene may have been an Easter Egg nod to the couple in Dead Space 2, since they look similar. Theoretically, these could even be the same couple if they survived the Titan Station outbreak, only to see and run through another massive outbreak.

Slasher Victim at Washington Station[]

DeadSpace3 Chp1 SlasherVictim

Upon entering the Washington Station, a woman can be heard screaming. Upon turning around the stairs, she can be seen being attacked and killed by a Slasher behind a closed gate, while a second Slasher watches.

Presumably, she was trying to get on the automated train to move around faster while looking for a way to escape from the lunar colony. There is nothing the player can do to save her from the Slasher, since the time for action is insufficient.

Chapter 2: On Your Own[]

EDF Pilot Sucked Into Space[]

DeadSpace3 EDF Pilot

Along with Locke and Rosen, there is a third pilot assigned to the USM Eudora. When the crew mistake some automated mines as distress beacons and approach them, the pilot is sucked into the vacuum of space with the explosions that follow.

This is the first member of Norton's team to die after arriving in Tau Volantis' orbit. He is not even directly mentioned after this, and his name is never revealed.

Chapter 3 Onwards[]

The survivor encounters are minimal in Dead Space 3, as the only populated area visited by the player is the Luna Colony, during Isaac and John Carver's escape from the Circle. After this point, most of the "survivors" encountered are Circle members (Danik), Robert Norton and the members of Ellie's crew.

The pre-recorded messages of Tucker Edwards on the Sovereign Colonies ship, the CMS Terra Nova, give the player the impression that the man managed to survive on the ship in spite of the two hundred years that passed. However, reaching the top of the Conning Tower reveals that he committed suicide during the events of the Necromorph outbreak on Tau Volantis.[2]

Ritual suicide

While on the surface of Tau Volantis, the player can encounter Unitologist soldiers who immediately commit suicide when approached, either by gunshot or slitting their own throats. Upon arriving to the Dissection Hangar, Isaac and Carver come across small squads of Circle members being ambushed and killed by Necromorphs while some of them who are recently deceased are brought back to life by the Swarm. On the return trip through the chamber that housed the giant drill, four soldiers can be witnessed conducting a short ritual before cutting their own throats and killing themselves. 

Dead Space 3: Awakened[]


During the first chapter of Awakened, Isaac and Carver will encounter surviving members of the Circle cowering in corners and on tabletops, having lost their minds and having been driven into a highly delusional & unresponsive state by the signal of the Brethren Moons. They rock around in a fetal position, repeating the phrase, "They are hungry, they are coming". Others immediately commit suicide by either slitting their throats or shooting themselves.

Upon arrival at the Terra Nova, a member of the Circle who did not succumb to dementia can be heard talking over the PA until he is caught by the Cult Leader and killed. Text logs left by another Circle survivor, Randall Carr, mention several other members of the Circle who did not succumb to dementia, but their fate is not covered. They are killed by the Necromorphs, hunted down by the new Cult members or are forcefully inducted into the Cult.


  • In all the games, the survivor NPCs often are edited models from the Slashers or from scenery corpses.
  • Every survivor encounter is a strictly scripted event. Unless it is scripted to happen, any present Necromorph will ignore the NPCs and attack only Isaac. Also, even in situations where the player can kill a Necromorph before it attacks an NPC, the NPC will die the same way. 
    • This is more noticeable in Dead Space 2, with the asylum patients at the beginning and with the fleeing civilians in Chapter 2. No matter how long the player waits in the area, the Necromorphs will not attack the idle civilians.
  • In the game files of Dead Space 2, there are three unused textures for civilian children NPCs. There are also textures for three adult civilians nowhere to be seen in the game.[3]
  • During Chapter 5 of the first Dead Space and during the Chapter 6 of Dead Space 2, Isaac will revisit areas he has passed in a previous chapter and will find corpses that weren't there before. These presumably were people alive by the time of Isaac's first passage, but that are never encountered or heard despite being near.