The Tau Volantis base was a Sovereign Colonies Armed Forces military-scientific research facility established on the surface of Tau Volantis.

History Edit

Expedition to Tau Volantis Edit

The Sovereign Colonies established the base in 2311 after a series of fly-overs on the planet discovered an unusual mountain formation in the center of a jagged crater. Shortly after the S.C.A.F. forces arrived, Sovereign Colonies scientists and archaeologists discovered ruins and the frozen remains of an alien species beneath Tau Volantis' icy surface. Eventually, the expedition succeeded in uncovering the source of the Markers and attempted to tap into its vast energy source.

Unfortunately, a Necromorph outbreak began after the thawing of one of the Alien Necromorphs, spreading chaos among the S.C.A.F. forces stationed there. At the order of the Sovereign Colonies government, Major General Spencer Mahad carried out the Scenario Five quarantine in 2314, to contain the outbreak. This required the execution and destruction of all S.C.A.F. elements on Tau Volantis and in orbit. Due to the combined fallout from the failed expedition and their defeat in the Secession War to EarthGov, Sovereign Colonies were dismantled.

Rediscovery Edit

After Scenario Five, the S.C.A.F. base on Tau Volantis remained forgotten until Damara Carver, a data archaeologist, discovered fragmented data about the expedition in 2514. Damara, along with her husband, John Carver and their son, Dylan, befriended Ellie Langford On Uxor and offered to help her with her hunt to stop the Markers across the galaxy. When Uxor was overrun by The Circle and Marker Shroud 4 was unleashed, Damara and Dylan are killed by Jacob Danik and transformed into Necromorphs. Sgt. John Carver recovered Damara's data stick and the fragmented Tau Volantis data contained within it. He managed to escape Uxor with Ellie and Cpt. Robert Norton on the USM Eudora. They eventually reached Keyhole Station, a Marker research station, and triangulated the Marker signals to Tau Volantis. Unable to regroup with Norton and Carver, Ellie decided to head to Tau Volantis alone with a technician named Jennifer Santos and a Marker consultant named Austin Buckell. When she arrived at Tau Volantis, orbital mines destroyed her ship but they managed to survive aboard the CMS Roanoke for weeks until the USM Eudora arrived with Norton and her ex-boyfriend, Isaac Clarke, to decipher the Admiral's scrawl in her chambers.

Locations Edit

  • Climbing Stations