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Type: Audio
Characters: Jacob Temple
Chapter: 3
Can be found: Engineering Deck Control Room
Temple: Personal log... acting Chief Engineer Jacob Temple. It's been two days since they pulled the planet open... since the captain died. The panic, the riots... They were nothing compared with what came after. Our friends, our co-workers started coming back... changed... coming back to kill us, drag us away. Rucker disappeared this morning, and I have to assume he's dead. My crew... they're starting to crack. I'm trying to keep an eye on them, but right now I have bigger problems. We're hemorrhaging fuel, and the primary engine is laboring. Danvers and I are going to try to reach the fuel depot to see if we can fix it... Temple out.


  • This log is contradicted by the events of Dead Space: Downfall and Dead Space: Extraction. According to both prequels, Captain Mathius died as the USG Ishimura is being overrun by Necromorphs, with the events of the first game taking place in less than a day after this. The launch trailer for the first Dead Space also outright states that the Red Marker was extracted from Aegis VII seven days before the beginning of the game.
  • When Temple says that his team is starting to crack, he is most likely referring to Henderson (mentioned in Temple Report 2) and Danvers.