Dead Space Wiki

Type: Audio
Characters: C. Danvers,Jacob Temple
Chapter: 3
Can be found: USG Ishimura Fuel Repository
C. Danvers: Never should have let him live. Never should have let him live.
Jacob Temple: Shut it, Danvers! Shut... it! Engineering log. Temple reporting. Someone has shut off the fuel lines to the primary engine, and damaged the valves in the process. They need to be repaired before I can re-open them, but we're running out of time. With the engine offline, orbit decay will begin in less than ten hours. I just can't understand who would do this. If it's one of those crazy Unitologist bastards, I'll break their neck!
Danvers: Henderson said they were coming. We never should have let him live.
Temple: Shut up, Danvers and help me with the tools. Temple out.


This log is found along with a dismembered body and is the last time Danvers is heard from. It is quite possible that the dead body is Danvers.