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"Not bad for two-hundred-year-old tech. I think I'll borrow it for a while."
Isaac Clarke

Design Details[]

The Tesla Enervator is a focused energy tool.

Weapon Description[]

"Sovereign Colonies scientists developed the “Enervator” from an overdriven focus coil to “humanely” eliminate dangerous specimens. The Enervator delivers a precision blast causing instantaneous electrocution and molecular destabilization in the target. In test subjects, death was instantaneous."


  • The Tesla Enervator is one of two weapons to appear in Dead Space 3 that are part of a preorder bonus promotion, the other being the GameStop exclusive EG-900 SMG, but now can be bought on the PlayStation Network store and the Xbox Market place for 1.99 each.
  • The Enervator will be the second purely electrical energy based weapon to appear in the Dead Space series, the first being the Arc Welder.
  • The Enervator, as well as the EG-900 SMG and the Witness the Truth and First Contact packs are now available under the Downloadable Content section in the Bench.
  • This weapon has a color scheme similar to a Nerf dart gun


Official Trailer[]


Dead Space 3 Pre-order Exclusive