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"Come on you bastard, I can do this all day."
Karrie Norton after defeating the Boss.

The Boss was a large Necromorph responsible for the overheating of the Titan Shard reactor core, and the final boss of Dead Space (mobile).

The Boss had ten yellow weak spots: four on its chest, one on each of its limbs (two), one on each tentacle (two, before the head), one on its back and another large one on its head, all of which needed to be destroyed to defeat the creature.


IMG 1801

Karrie Norton fighting the Boss.

The Boss was a large Necromorph of an unknown type. It had two tentacles that it used to hook onto the opposing walls. These tentacles had yellow tissue in them, revealed when the creature was disoriented. The rest of the body seemed to be larva-like and long with a big lower section. The Boss had four jaws with razor sharp teeth, with a hole in the middle of the mouth rounded with teeth or spikes, from where the creature launched its tongue. The tongue appeared to have spikes on its front as well, and the front appeared to be boulder-like.

The Boss's main attack was to launch the tongue at its target, knocking it down or smashing it onto it. However, it requires it to pull its head way up, exposing four yellow tissue weak spots on its neck. It also had a large sack of yellow tissue hidden inside what appeared to be a massive rib cage on its back, which become exposed when Vandal launched an object on its head. The Boss also had two tentacles somewhere on its neck, which it used to launch spiky projectiles at its target. The tentacles' heads had a big, long spike and the sides were riddled with smaller spikes. These spikes were connected to the tentacle with yellow tissue.

DS Mobile The Boss Rib Cage

The Boss' rib cage guarding its "heart".

The Boss, along with the Ubermorph, was a very highly mutated Necromorph, barely if at all possessing any human-like features. It is unknown how it ended up in the reactor core, but it is possible that it was evolved from Corruption and possibly other Necromorphs that fused together that ventured into the core. The Boss was also possibly a Hive Mind variant, as it could command other Necromorphs to attack Vandal as she attacked the creature.

After Vandal successfully took down the creature, it dropped into the reactor shaft but before it could do that, it tried to take Vandal with it to its doom. However, its plan failed as she managed to climb back onto the platform overlooking the reactor. If the creature did not die from the fall or from the damage sustained during its final battle, it was completely destroyed when Isaac Clarke took down the Site 12 Marker along with the entire Titan Station.


The Boss attacks by lashing its tongue out at Vandal, as well as firing projectiles at her from its tentacles. Only during the end will the Boss actually attack using its mouth (in this case only if you fail to kill it within the time limit). The Boss' tongue has several blades on the tip, used to cause harm to Vandal. It attacks with its tongue in several ways; by swinging across the floor to trip Vandal, by shooting it out, and by slamming it onto the platform that Vandal stands on (which also instantly kills any Necromorph it touches. It will signal this attack by lifting its head). It also attacks by shooting blades out of two of its arms like a Lurker.

During the course of the battle, the Boss will call upon several different Necromorphs for assistance: Slashers, Exploders, and Lurkers. These lesser enemies poses a distraction from the attacking Boss, but if the player is careful enough, the tongue attack of the Boss will kill Necromorphs instantly if Vandal manages to lure them into its path. Stasis can help in achieving this. Necromorphs slain by the Boss will drop valuable ammo and Credits for Vandal to collect.

In order to reveal the weak spots on its tentacles, you must first shoot both the weak spots on its chest that correlate with the tentacle you want to shoot. Note that even after shooting and destroying one tentacle, the weak spots on its chest grow back, but shooting them then is just a waste of ammo and time. After shooting the two tentacles holding the Boss up it will collapse and hang onto the floor. Shoot the tentacles and activate the Core control panel to enter the final part of the fight. Once the Boss is weakened by the drill, the weak spot on its head will be exposed. Vandal must destroy it to win the fight; the Core Extractor's secondary fire is recommended for this. Alternatively, using a Plasma Cutter is also a viable option.

Death Scene[]


Dead Space Boss Death

Death scene with the Boss.

After sending the drill onto the creature's back, the Boss will be momentarily stunned and its frontal weak spot will be exposed to attack. This is the only viable target for this section.

  • If Vandal manages to shoot the yellow weak spot on the Boss' head, the Necromorph will thrash around and die, falling into the very pit it was obstructing. 
  • However, if Vandal takes too long to destroy the weak spot, she will try to aim for it, but the Boss will grab her with its mouth and chew on her. The Boss then throws Vandal into the air and bites down on her body, squishing her completely. While the Boss devours her body, the camera closes up on her bloodied helmet.


  • The Peng Treasure is found behind the core control panel used to defeat the Boss.
  • When you are shooting at its weak spots, the Boss makes the same sounds as the Hive Mind.
  • The Boss possesses attacks normally associated to other Necromorphs (i.e. the Lurker's tentacle blasts, the Hive Mind's drag tentacles, the external organs and the inner mouth).
  • The Boss may be an immature Hive Mind; along with making the same sound effects as the Hive Mind and commanding lesser Necromorphs, the song that plays during Vandal's battle with it, "The Hive Mind", is the same song that plays during the Hive Mind fight in the original Dead Space.


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