Concourse Atrium

Isaac Exploring The Concourse

The Concourse is a two-story shopping mall located in the heart of the Sprawl. Isaac passes through this area during the events of 2511.


First floorEdit

On the first floor there are nine outlet stores: Worch, a workshop equipped with a Bench; the Unitology Resource Center; UHU; a holographic erotica shop; a media bar; a hair salon called Bold Stylings; The Beauty of Real Wood, which is a showroom of genuine wooden furniture; Fit Meter, an exercise equipment store and gymnasium; Levitations, a Zero-G bed and furniture store; and a Lightspeed Energy Bar stand.[1] Isaac encounters a great deal of Pack Necromorphs in this area.

Second floorEdit

On the second floor there are seven outlets: Trixie's and Lemon Gun, which are two different candy stores, Collisto, an ice cream parlor, Fashion Kid, a children's clothing store, and Toy-Toy, a toy store that sells limited-edition Ishimura models (with Benjamin Matthius action figures sold separately). Two places on this floor do not respond when selected on the guide, and instead show static, with Error Code 7673ebhjjh22233d2 as their name. Also, screams that sound suspiciously like those of the Guardian and Brute forms can be heard. It is more than likely that either these locations are infected by Corruption and that there are some very nasty surprises for Isaac when he reaches them. Opposite the elevator to the first floor is the Titan Station Elementary School, where Isaac first encounters Crawlers. [1]


  • At one end of the main Concourse floor is a revolving statue of "Lightspeed Boy", the mascot of Lightspeed Energy Bars, which can be seen from either story. An easy Achievement or Trophy can be gained by shooting off its limbs with a Plasma Cutter or other weapon.
  • One of the bulletin boards in Titan Station Elementary advertises a play with a student in an insect costume. Its title, "The Metamorphosis" is a direct reference to the Franz Kafka short story of the same name. The plot concerns a work obsessed salesman who one day awakens to find that he has become a beetle, eerily akin to the Necromorph infection.
  • The Concourse also serves as a multiplayer map for Dead Space 2, and is part of the Outbreak Map Pack.[2]