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"Mercer calls it 'the Hive Mind'. A nexus organism, which controls these Necromorphs telepathically."
Dr. Kyne explaining the Hive Mind to Isaac Clarke.

The Hive Mind was a massive Nexus Necromorph form created by Marker 3A on Aegis VII. The creature resided within the core of the planet and was highly aggressive, commanding its Necromorph hordes during their relentless assault on the CEC colony and the USG Ishimura in 2508.


The Hive Mind was created during the original Necromorph outbreak after the activation of Marker 3A on Aegis VII by the Sovereign Colonies,[1][2] and acted as a nexus between the Marker and the rest of the Necromorphs. The Marker maintained its connection to the Hive Mind through a signal-amplifying pedestal, which it used to relay orders to the massive creature.[3][4]

When Scenario Five was declared, the S.C.A.F. aborted any further experimentation with the Markers, sealing off Aegis VII and its entire star system, and leaving Marker 3A buried somewhere above the Hive Mind's resting place underneath the surface where it remained for the next 200 years.[5]

Second Aegis VII Incident[]

"The deepest secrets of the Marker - Convergence, even the Hive Mind itself - could be ours. If you trust me."
—Dr. Challus Mercer to Brant Harris.[6]

CH10 HIVEMIND breaks out of its nest Videolog DEADSPACE 2023

The Hive Mind emerges from the planet crack crater.

200 years later, the Concordance Extraction Corporation discovered the planet and found out that it was a goldmine of resources. Regardless of the restrictions for traveling to the Aegis System, the CEC decided to construct an illegal mining colony on the planet to begin tearing it apart.

Some time before the arrival of the USG Ishimura, a small team of miners found the Marker. Immediately upon its discovery, it began the first phase of a Necromorph outbreak by slowly driving the members of the mining colony insane. After the Ishimura arrived in orbit and initiated the planet crack, the Hive Mind was exposed to the surface and the Marker's influence finally reached its final potency, turning the dead into Necromorphs to set loose upon the colony. As all hell broke loose, the Hive Mind re-awoke from its slumber with new pawns to command and began smashing and killing anything that came close to its nest or tried flying away. Some survivors managed to get a few seconds' worth of footage of the massive beast before they were smashed to pieces.

As the colony was overrun, the Ishimura followed as both the Marker and the infection were brought on board the vessel. In a matter of hours, both the colony and the ship were lost. Dr. Terrence Kyne recovered footage of the Hive Mind during the outbreak, and Dr. Challus Mercer came to learn of its existence and turned to worshipping it as a divine entity. The Hive Mind appeared to be the controlling intelligence of the Necromorphs in the Aegis VII System; however, without the Marker on its pedestal to relay its orders to it, the two were unable to coordinate with each other.[7]

Alternate Solutions[]

"The planet is restless. Hungry. It'll try to eat us alive. But we have the Marker. We'll put things back the way they were."
—Marker 3A informs Isaac Clarke of the Hive Mind's aggressiveness through a vision of Nicole Brennan.
DSR Aegis VII Colony Corruption

The excavation site following the Necromorph outbreak.

With the absence of Marker 3A's creators preventing Convergence from beginning, the Marker instead sought to implant its blueprints in any suitable host it could find to help spread itself elsewhere.[8] It eventually targeted Dr. Terrence Kyne, who had just sabotaged the ship's engines in an attempt to combat the infection. The Marker spoke to the doctor through a hallucination of his deceased wife, Amelia Kyne, pushing him into a delusional state and manipulating him into deciding to return the Marker to its pedestal as it promised to calm the Hive Mind, keeping Kyne unaware of the artifact's true intentions of merging with his mind. After the USG Kellion arrived at the Ishimura, the Marker seemingly encouraged Kyne to request the assistance of one of the Kellion's crew, a CEC engineer named Isaac Clarke.

Isaac decided to help Kyne with returning the Marker, but Kendra Daniels, a member of the repair team sent to the Ishimura along with Isaac, revealed herself to be an undercover agent tasked with containing the Marker, and betrayed Isaac and killed Kyne before attempting to flee with the artifact. However, the Marker's influence over Isaac made him pull Kendra's shuttle back to the Ishimura, forcing her to flee in an escape pod that landed somewhere on the planet. Isaac successfully regained both the shuttle and the Marker and landed on the colony, making his way to the pedestal site where the Marker had launched its first strikes that drove the colony insane.

Arrival of Isaac Clarke[]

"It showed me what I have to do! You can't stop me!"
Isaac Clarke to the Hive Mind after receiving the Marker's mental blueprint (alternate playthrough)[9]
DSR Hive Mind Emerge

The Hive Mind once again becomes aggressive towards Isaac following the Marker's removal.

As the engineer returned the Marker to its pedestal, it reestablished its connection to the Hive Mind and ordered it to stand down[3] as it released a massive pulse, imprinting its codes and blueprints into Isaac and Elizabeth Cross's minds.[10] However, this wave of energy also disabled the gravity tethers keeping the chunk of the planet in orbit in place. Isaac attempted to restart them but was stopped by Kendra, who once again stole the Marker. With the artifact removed from its pedestal and no longer able to coordinate with the Hive Mind, the creature became aggressive once again, attempting to slam the colony's structure down to kill Kendra and Isaac.

DSR Hive Mind Close-Up

Isaac battles the restless Hive Mind.

As Kendra and Isaac reached the shuttle pad, the Hive Mind ambushed the two, smashing Kendra into pieces and beginning a direct fight with the engineer. Isaac put it down with shots that destroyed its vulnerable points, and the Necromorph emitted its final cries of pain until slamming down on the landing site, before sliding to the massive crater below. As Isaac escaped, what was left of the Hive Mind presumably burned into dust when the chunk of the planet fell down.


"These Necromorphs have no intelligence - how could they? Yet there's clear, if rudimentary purpose behind their actions, especially the gathering of corpses. They're clearly following some drive to kill living organisms and gather biomass."
—Dr. Terrence Kyne[11]
DSR Hive Mind Concept 1

Concept art of the Hive Mind in Dead Space (2023).

The Hive Mind resembled an enormous worm with many tentacles along its length. Its full size was never truly shown as an unknown portion of the creature was hidden inside a crater, but it appeared to have a defined "head" and thorax. It is unknown how many bodies were used to create the Hive Mind. The creature had a very fleshy appearance on its lower thorax, almost resembling human skin with muscle tissue covering certain areas, and its tentacles appeared to grow from well below this thorax area.

The head's most prominent feature was a massive circular mouth, consisting of two sets of jaws, each with their own rows of teeth. The Hive Mind was able to spit acidic pods from its central mouth. Around the mouth, there were five eyes made from yellow explosive fluid. The thorax featured a frontal cavity which sheltered five more yellow sacks that served as the Necromorph's vital organs with a rib-cage serving as protection for them. The back of the creature featured several branched, antenna-like appendages; the purpose of these was unknown, but it is likely that they served as antennas helping in broadcasting the Marker signal to other beings as well as forwarding commands to the other Necromorphs.

HiveMind-DERE-2023 (1)

A back view of the Hive Mind sprouting from the planet crack crater.

The Hive Mind was thought to be the 'command center' for the Necromorph outbreak by Dr. Kyne. This theory appeared to be correct, as Marker 3A referred to it as a "nexus" between itself and the Necromorphs, much like the Nexus encountered on Tau Volantis. The connection between the Hive Mind and the Marker was strengthened by the Marker's pedestal, which amplified its signal and allowed it to relay orders to the massive creature. Kyne speculated that when the Marker was removed from its pedestal, the connection was severed and the Marker could no longer coordinate with the Hive Mind,[11] a theory that appeared to be confirmed by the Marker's apparition of Nicole Brennan when speaking to Isaac Clarke, telling him that the creature was "restless" and "hungry", but that it would "obey" the Marker once the artifact was back on the pedestal.[7]


  • The Hive Mind's roars can be quietly heard when switching between menus in Dead Space 2, most likely as a result of Isaac's experience with Marker 3A as the main menu appears to represent the inside of his mind with a Red Marker floating in the background.
    • The Hive Mind's wails can also be heard during the battle with the Site 12 Marker whenever "Nicole" speaks to Isaac. Additionally, a "mouth" very similar to the mouth of the Hive Mind can be seen behind the Marker's "heart" in the same battle, though this most likely represents the (nearly identical) mouth of a Brethren Moon, as the Moons are the source of the Marker signal.
  • In Dead Space 2, there are two Necromorph types, namely the Ubermorph and multiple Slasher variants, that bear the characteristics of the Hive Mind's head and face. The Ubermorph also shares the Hive Mind's prominent rib cage and antennae-like appendages on its back.
  • In the graphic novel, Dead Space: Salvage, a new, smaller Hive Mind was seen on the Ishimura while Stefan Schneider was crossing the outside of the ship. It was swiftly repelled by the Oracles.
  • It is possible that The Boss from Dead Space (mobile) is an immature Hive Mind; the creature's roars are the same and the Hive Mind's theme plays in the background during the battle.
  • The "Mindless Prey" Achievement/Trophy could be earned after defeating the creature.
  • The common sound effects of a squealing pig are distorted and used for some of the Hive Mind's roars.
  • The Hive Mind's roar was reused in Dante's Inferno, also made by Visceral Games. It could be heard when Phlegyas rose from the Styx River.
  • Dead Space 3 featured the first insights of the inner structure of a Hive Mind (although very briefly when Isaac was swallowed by it). Inside what appeared to be its stomach had 3 Nests that served as weak spots. Killing these Nests ejected the player and presumably killed the Nexus/Hive Mind.


Battle Phases[]

The battle with the Hive Mind takes place in several stages:

  • In the first phase of the battle, the Hive Mind will roar at Isaac as it smashes a tentacle down on him. Use these opportunities to aim, shoot and destroy its mouth-organs to begin the next stage of the battle. In the original game, the next stage will trigger once three pustules are destroyed, while in the remake all five must be destroyed.
  • After the pustules lining the mouth are destroyed, the next phase begins. In the remake, the Hive Mind will emit a fog horn-like sound and several Slasher and Exploders will be sent to fight Isaac. In the original game, the Hive Mind will instead drag you up in the air in an attempt to devour you; since Isaac is hanging upside down, your aiming will be reversed as you try to shoot the two remaining pustules around its mouth.
  • In the third phase, there are five explosive sacks in the middle of the creature's chest which will occasionally be exposed as it repeatedly slams the ground with its tentacles (in the remake, the Hive Mind will also spit out acid). Destroying all five sacks in its chest defeats the Hive Mind in the original game, while in the remake it will trigger the final stage, with the creature picking Isaac up much like the second phase from the original game and trying to devour him. A single pustule in the middle of its mouth must be destroyed to finish the battle.


  • One of the Hive Mind's most common methods of attacking involves smashing you with its two tentacles one at a time. This is easy to dodge as the Hive Mind sways backward and coils a tentacle. Watch out for this action.
  • To avoid the tentacles, move right and left to the far sides of the screen. The left tentacle always falls first so quickly move to the far right side and quickly to the left as the right one prepares to fall.
  • While in the air, it is best to use the Plasma Cutter or Pulse Rifle to shoot its two remaining weak points, due to the weapons' projectiles' high traveling speed and precision (in the remake, the Contact Beam may also be used). Temporarily reversing the X-axis and Y-axis alignment to your controls can also be an effective method to improve your aim during this phase.
  • In the original game, a well aimed mine from the Line Gun or the Force Gun will sometimes destroy more than one sack in its chest, making it easier and faster to kill it.
  • The Contact Beam destroys a sack in one shot in the original game. Use this to your advantage, but beware. It had a long charge time if it was not upgraded which may make you miss.
  • In the remake, throwing an Exploder's pustule into the Hive Mind's exposed chest will destroy several sacks at the same time.

Death Scene[]


Hive Mind Death Scene - Dead Space Remake

  • If Isaac fails to destroy the remaining two pustules (one in the remake) on the Hive Mind's head when he is grabbed, a scripted death scene follows. It will force Isaac into its mouth, chew on him for a bit and pull him out violently, tearing both of Isaac's arms off. As Isaac screams in pain, the Hive Mind grips him between its teeth. Another painful scream is heard from Isaac before the Hive Mind rips him in half at the waist, swallowing his upper torso and throwing his legs onto the platform.[12]
  • If Isaac gets hit by a tentacle, he will be dismembered completely including his upper torso.





The Boss Sound Effects

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