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"Its power is controllable under the right circumstances. We just need some more time to continue our research into the Marker. Regrettably, recent events have become too public..."
—The Overseer to Isabel Cho.

The Overseer was an official in EarthGov's Department of Homeworld Security who was responsible for overseeing the government's Marker research and replication programs in the 26th century.[1][2]


The Overseer was briefly seen talking to the Lead Interrogator on the USM Abraxis and he referred to Nolan Stross as their specialist on the Markers. He also authorized enhanced interrogation techniques to speed up the process of acquiring information from the four survivors of the USG O'Bannon. Once the recovery team docked at Titan Station, he attempted to sway Isabel Cho into joining them and assist them in making a cover story for what happened on the Aegis VII Colony, the USG Ishimura and the O'Bannon. When she refused, he had her lobotomized and made her a scapegoat in the cover story. According to the "official" news, Isabel led a terrorist attack on Aegis VII, the Ishimura and the O'Bannon and was later taken into custody and ready for sentencing. The Overseer was later seen talking with Foster Edgars as Stross was brought into the station.

During the Necromorph outbreak on Titan Station, the Overseer sent a text log to Director Hans Tiedemann expressing his disappointment in Tiedemann's decision to evacuate the civilians from the station, which went against the project's protocols, and promised retribution against him for authorizing it. The Overseer was later heard talking to a recon team surveying Titan Station's destruction, referring to the station as "Marker Site 12" and declaring that the other Marker test sites would have to "pick up the pieces".


  • According to a tag on the Overseer's uniform, he possessed "Omega Clearance" in the Department of Homeworld Security.
  • The Overseer was voiced by H. Richard Greene in Aftermath. His voice actor in the post credits scene for Dead Space 2 is unknown.