Dead Space Wiki

Type: Text
Characters: Written by Dr. Eando Dukaj
Chapter: 12
Can be found: Received after completing game; can be read at any time during 2nd playthrough and beyond.



(Restricted access - Maximum encryption)

Altman's hasty expulsion from the project is unfortunate. His notes on the Black Marker appear incomplete and our findings this far have been inconclusive. What notes we have recovered appear to be written in a code of his devising. It will be weeks before we can decipher them. In the meantime, someone has to shut him up. His public outcry about the Marker is more than a nuisance. This is a matter of security.


Funding has been insufficient. Moving the research to Aegis VII is only aggravating the problem. I understand the pressure to relocate the project outside the reach of the oversight committees, but this has only inflated our resource requirements.

We are on the verge of cracking the replication code we extracted from the Black Marker. It would be a shame to come this far and have to scrap the project.


The continued financial infusion over the years has been appreciated and I'm pleased to share the results with you today. While some of our material fabrications are approximations of substances foreign to us, we have completed the internal workings of the device. One obvious difference between our replica and the original is the reddish hue. I assure you this is purely a cosmetic difference not indicative of a flaw.

The device, when activated, began to emit a highly complicated rhythmic pattern across a wide band of frequencies - from actual sound waves through the electromagnetic spectrum to alpha, delta, and theta brain waves. It seems mostly inert and harmless aside from some slight interference with communication equipment.

We are proceeding with the final construction.


We've run into a disturbing but fascinating find. In re-creating the DNA instructions gleaned from the Black Marker, we've managed to create a recombinant microbial life form. It seemed dormant at first, even when placed in a bath of rich nutrients. Were it not for Dr. Clifton's poor hygiene, we might have deemed the attempt a failure. Fortunately for us, he had not fully decontaminated himself before working with the sample and managed to contaminate it with some dead skin cells. Suddenly, the microbes jumped into action! Recombination happened almost instantly and the sample began self-replicating and mutating before our eyes.


More confounding results from our research: Today, as we moved what we're now calling the Red Marker, we had to pass by the cellular lab area. The scientists working at the time complained about interruptions in the necrotic flesh experiments. As it turns out, the field generated by the Marker creates a "dead space" around itself that forces the recombination effect into dormancy.


I apologize for the setback relayed in the last report. The macro-scale infection has been contained with a minimal loss of life. The newly recombinated doctors are now quarantined for further study.


Many of the scientists have been complaining of headaches and we are all having difficulty sleeping for more than an hour at a time. We suspect a problem in the ventilation system. The maintenance team reported finding a build-up of some kind blocking the airways.


The organic mass continues to expand and take over the complex. The recombinated nightmares now move freely through the corridors. My remaining crew is hastily constructing a transmitter for the Marker in an attempt to broaden the signal it is emanating. Dr. Foster said the idea came to him in a vision. Our hope is to use the signal to keep the unchecked infection from spreading to the landing area. There is little time remaining! You must send help as quickly as possible! Our lives are in your hands.


  • "The Red Marker" is the only background text log from the original 2008 game that did not make a return in any form in the 2023 remake.