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"Ahhh! What the fuck!?"
Nathan McNeill[1]

The Spider was a massive Necromorph encountered on the exterior of the derelict USG Ishimura. It appeared at the end of Chapter 9 of Dead Space: Extraction, where it attacked Nathan McNeill after he returned from disabling the ADS Cannon, being a formidable opponent.


The Spider was a unique Necromorph of gigantic proportions. While an unknown portion of its body was not visible, the visible part was armor-plated, rendering direct fire on it useless. It featured two large arms, two very large tentacles and many versatile appendages. The large arms, each one ending in a scorpion-like stinger, could shoot barbs and had a weak underside.

The Spider had many leg-like appendages used for walking support, and four special appendages just under the mouth used to remove the plating around it. When the mouth plating was moved aside, the creature used its long tube-like mouth that could reach out and latch onto its victim. Once onto its target, many small pustules started to grow inside the mouth, bursting and hurting its victim. The creature had a secondary mouth attack where many glowing sacs attached to a tentacle would burst and Leapers would be released.


  • In its first phase, it makes use of two clawed arms, somewhat like fleshy scorpion tails, each of which has an yellow spot on the underside of the 'sting'. It will turn these bulbs back and forth, with the spot showing up on the second turn; if sufficient damage is dealt to it, the arm will be disrupted; otherwise it will batter Nathan. These are best dealt with if using the Pulse Rifle.
  • In the next phase, the Spider removes two plates revealing its mouth, which it will place over McNeill's head. McNeill must then proceed to shoot the yellow pustules that pop out. These are easy to deal with using the Arc Welder or P-Sec Pistol.
  • After that, McNeill must shoot a large, glowing orange sac that is being held by the eye, and once the sac has been destroyed, two Leapers spawn. The Arc Welder's secondary fire is useful for destroying both the sacs, and the Leapers. The Pulse Rifle can also dispose of the sacs easily. After destroying the sacs, the eye will retract. Shoot it, best with a P-Sec Pistol or Pulse Rifle, to destroy another sac, making one less to deal with next time. (It is possible to defeat the spider after only 3 waves)
  • As with the previous "boss", the P-Sec Pistol and Pulse Rifle are best suited to striking these yellow spots.
  • You may use up a lot of ammunition whilst fighting this boss. It is advised to save up ammo for the P-Sec Pistol and Pulse Rifle throughout the level.


  • The Spider's ultimate fate is unknown, though it was most likely destroyed at some point, either in the destruction of Aegis VII or when the Ishimura was recovered.
  • When fully exposed, its mouth section exhibits slight similarities with the Hive Mind's.
  • If the player does not shoot the yellow pustules, the Spider will pull Nathan deeper into its mouth. On the second pull, the player's camera will jump back before being pulled closer. The Spider will then spit the player back out 50 seconds after latching on.
  • It appears that the Spider makes edited, low-pitched sounds of the Hive Mind, although is is difficult to say for sure as the sounds are muffled in the vacuum of space.