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The Tormentor was a massive Necromorph composed of numerous corpses encountered by Isaac Clarke on Titan Station.


The Tormentor was a gigantic Necromorph with a long, slender body and highly elongated limbs. The Necromorph was mostly composed of hardened bone material similar to that of a Brute, acting as tough armor that not even high-caliber weapons could break. At the end of a flexible neck was the Necromorph's head, which was formed from the head of a single human victim. The upper jaw expanded into a fanged maw and a pair of mandibles protruded from either side of the face.

The Tormentor's forelimbs were extremely long and were composed of glowing yellow tissue near the shoulder joint. This tissue was a weak point and, if enough damage was sustained in this region, it would explode, severing the limb. The rest of the body was a serpentine, misshapen mass of bone fragments and necrotic tissue. The Tormentor had two mini-sized legs in the middle of its body that served as extra support to its weight.


The only foreshadowing before the appearance of the Tormentor occured in Chapter 4, when Isaac first encountered the Stalkers in the Unitologist Church and sensed a massive Necromorph breaking and jamming a door. No characters said anything about its size, attacks, or even presence before Isaac encountered it. The Tormentor was first seen right after the encounter with Daina Le Guin. It was very tough as the guns from the EarthGov Gunship (which could destroy a shuttle) did not seem to damage the beast.

The fight between Isaac and the Tormentor began when Isaac fell through a vent in order to escape the EarthGov gunship. After he fell through the vent into a bloodstained pit, the Tormentor appeared, roared at Isaac and seized him in one of its arms. Isaac then shot the yellow tissue on the arm's shoulder in order to dismember the limb and escape.

After successfully dismembering the Tormentor's arm, Isaac ran toward a window. The gunship appeared outside and proceeded to open fire, breaking the glass and sucking Isaac and the Tormentor out into space with it whirling madly in the zero-gravity environment. Isaac grabbed hold of the gunship, but as he turned to look, the Tormentor crashed into the ship as well. Isaac tried to escape by boosting away, but the Tormentor grabbed his leg. The Tormentor, however, was momentarily distracted by the fuel canisters floating out of the ruptured hull of the gunship. To escape, Isaac shot one of the canisters which killed the Tormentor and sent Isaac spiraling back through a window into the Cassini Towers.

Due to the constrained time to attack the Tormentor's weak points, Isaac's equipped weapon would automatically be reloaded once the weak point was sufficiently hit, bypassing the reload animation and saving precious time.

Death Scenes[]

  • During any part of the sequence where Isaac has to dismember one of its arms, should he fail to do sufficient damage to the arm, the creature will break free of the debris he is trapped under and bite Isaac's head off.
  • If Isaac fails to open the Kinesis door after the first part of the fight, the Tormentor will run into Isaac, knocking him down and trampling him to death.
  • If Isaac fails to shoot the explosive barrels released from the ship while being held by the creature, it will fling him around and while doing so bite into his torso. As Isaac screams in pain, the Tormentor gets a better grip on his legs and yanks his head sideways, ripping Isaac in half. As Isaac's top half floats away, his right-hand floats past the screen against a blank background of space, a clear reference to the cover art of the original Dead Space.


  • Dead Space 2's development team had given the Tormentor the nickname Kong, possibly as a reference to the King Kong character. The creature is also called the "boss_kong" or "kong" in the game files.
  • The Dead Space 2 demo ended as the Tormentor appeared.
  • The Tormentor is the only boss in the Dead Space series that is entirely fought through quick-time events. There are a total of six ways to die in the Tormentor boss fight, which is the highest number of scripted death scenes for a Necromorph in the series.
  • There is a glitch where using the Detonator in the second segment of the Tormentor fight will cause Isaac to be completely dismembered except for his pelvis. The player can still play until the part where the Tormentor throws Isaac across the room near the door; Isaac immediately dies after he stands up.
  • If the player uses Stasis on the Tormentor and carefully walks around it, the creature will run past Isaac and the player is free to explore its lair, although its arm will damage Isaac as it passes and if its body or secondary legs touch him, it will result in an instant death.