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Characters: CEC Sponsored Article
Chapter: 12
Can be found: Backstory Log Reward for Completing Game
(From a CEC-sponsored article in the publication, Amazing Universe)

As many of our older readers may recall, resource management on Earth and on the colonies was not always as streamlined as it is today. There was a time when needs could barely be met by the now-extinct resources of Earth and the dwindling supplies of the colonies. Looking to the stars for additional resources is nothing new, but at the time only smaller ships were shockpoint-able and they were insufficient at keeping up with demand.

Enter the Ishimura.

The USG Ishimura, named after Astro Physicist Hideki Ishimura (inventor of the shockpoint drive), was the first of the massive Planet Cracker ships. Built 62 years ago, she has a long and storied career. The Ishimura was the first vessel of her size to utilize the shockpoint drive for large-scale, commercial, deep space expeditions.

At the time of her inception, the Ishimura was hailed as the savior of the Earth colonies. She was created to mine and melt down entire small planets and moons. She was also the first ship capable of the "scan and catch" technique for harvesting mineral-rich asteroids. Using huge gravity tethers, the Ishimura can lock onto asteroids and pull them inside the ship's massive collection bays for smelting.

At 62 years old, the Ishimura is still in remarkable shape. Much of the equipment has been upgraded over the years. Many spaces have been retrofitted to take advantage of modern advances in technology. Despite the long years of service, she is still the pride of the fleet and remains the largest Planet Cracker in the fleet. Whenever an important deep space mining project comes up and the Ishimura is available, she's the first ship to be called.

It's ships like the Ishimura - and the dedication of the men and women who crew her - that have helped make Concordance Extraction Company the trusted, dependable workhorse that it is today.