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The Upright City is the top half of the Public Sector.

The Upright City is the colloquialism for the top half of the Public Sector of Titan Station[1]. Known sections of the Upright City are the Medical Center, Waste Disposal area, Cassini Towers, the Titan Station Church of Unitology, and the Concourse areas.


The name "Upright City" comes from Dead Space: Ignition. When you take Path B, Franco Delille and Sarah Andarsyn choose to enter the Inverted City. Going down the elevator, they talk about whether or not the people who live in the Inverted City call the Upright City the Inverted City. Sarah says they would because down is where your feet are.


While walking down a hallway in the Inverted City during Path B, Sarah tells Franco that she knows the Inverted City is not as densely populated as the Upright City, but she knows it should look more crowded than it does.


The Upright City was destroyed during the explosions that took place on the Sprawl after Isaac destroyed the Site 12 Marker.