• Hi fellas!

    I am playing dead space 1. Eventhough its awsome, I'm stucked & really getting annoyed in the asteroid-shooting mini game. So I planned about using the Dead Space Trainer v2 only for that mini game. Because I don't want to spoil the game using trainer. So can I remove the trainer after playing that mini game? 

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    • It should also be mentioned that asteroids closer to the centre seem to do more damage, so priorotize those ones first.

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    • don't give up, man. Just stay calm and focused. Strafe constantly the asteroids and anticipate their position. Like Xiongu said, shoot firstly at the big ones, and don't lose time by trying to destroy the ones too close. Crisscross the window methodically, and you should make it just before 0%.

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    • Also, make sure that you turn your mouse/joystick sensitivity to maximum, as it allows you to track targets much faster.

      I made it through with no damage at all.  Even better is that as soon as the auto targeting came back on, an asteriod hit the hull coz a bunch had just spawned; didn't do any damage though.

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