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"It is a sad thing, but we do have to make choices. We depend on citizens to let us know when they see signs of stress or potential indications of failure. Whenever they let us know, we do our best to correct the problem as quickly as possible. In this case, it’s not a governmental failure that’s the problem. It’s a failure on behalf of the citizenry. They should have been on this sooner."
—Fischer's speech regarding a methane leak in one of the domes on Vindauga.

Tim Fischer was a Councilman on the colony world of Vindauga who was secretly responsible for supervising shipping for the Sovereign Colonies' facilities on Aspera.[1]


Tim Fischer held the position of Councilman in the government of Vindauga in the 2290s and was used in secret by the Sovereign Colonies to supervise the shipping for Aspera's containment facility. When the Sovereign Colonies decided to build one of their Red Marker testing facilities on Aspera, Fischer was also placed in charge of the supplies for the site's construction.


After a methane leak in one of the outlier domes of Vindauga, Fischer held a press conference concerning the integrity of the structures. In his speech, he blamed the citizens of Vindauga for failing to alert the government about the crack in the dome, angering the crowd. Before he could continue his speech, however, Istvan Sato stormed the stage, pulled a gun on Fischer and shot the Councilman in the head before being subdued by SCAF forces.

After the assassination, Istvan was interrogated and claimed that he was merely following what the voices in his head had told him to do.[1]