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Titan Elementary

Entrance to the school.

"Okay everyone. 15 minutes for recess! Play nice!"
—School automated announcer

Titan Elementary School was a school located in the Concourse of Titan Station.


The Art of Dead Space Titan School

An overview of the school (see full size image for details).

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The school's 'Space Tiger' mascot.

Titan Elementary School contained various classrooms, and catered for different age groups ranging from daycare-aged infants and toddlers to numbered-graded and middle school-graded children. The exterior of the school contained a display window showing off the school's various trophies, and the welcome door, adorned with greetings in several different languages, contained a painting of two children playing.

The school's interior contained small lockers that were used by the children to keep their schooling needs, and various personal belongings. A yellow carpet with red squares lined the hallways throughout the school, and giant yellow stars hung from the hallway ceilings. Each hallway was dotted with art work made by the children and notice boards dedicated to informing them. The school mascot was the 'Space Tiger'.

Each classroom was set up in an order from youngest to oldest each with its own facilities to deal with the age group, with small tables and chairs lined up so the children could look at the teachers. The first room that Isaac Clarke entered was a daycare center room (room 309) lined with cribs, baby toys and other infant care supplies; the joined room was for preschoolers, and these two rooms were where the majority of Necromorph Crawlers were encountered during the outbreak.

The school also had its own infirmary, recreational court, cafeteria that doubled as a gym as well as a stage, and an exit playground that children would play in as they waited for their parents to pick them up. The playground was attached to an elevator which took people straight to the Transport Hub.

The interior of the school became heavily damaged due to the outbreak, with multiple walls and walkways damaged and some areas completely sealed off by debris. Papers, children's shoes and various toys and sports equipment littered the halls and playground.


The school had problems before the Necromorph outbreak: the children had begun to have disciplinary problems and many of them had begun to go crazy, seeing visions of deceased relatives due to the influence of the Site 12 Marker.[1][2] Some had even begun seeing visions of the creatures way before the outbreak had begun, judging by the artwork found throughout the school.

The school was presumably the main source of most of the Necromorphs made from children as it was swarmed by Crawlers and the Pack.


  • In the last room before leaving, the children's playground, there will always be resources (mostly ammo or medkits) in the vent to the right of the elevator. It is recommended not to use a melee attack but to fire a single shot to break it, in order to prevent the loot from falling back into the vent.
  • A log states that some children were starting to get restless, which was suspected to be caused by living in space. However, in truth, it was the Marker that caused them to get irrational.
  • The elementary school also serves as a Multiplayer Map titled as "The Academy" for Dead Space 2, part of the Outbreak Map Pack.[3]
  • Posters for a school play titled, "The Metamorphosis" can be seen all throughout the building. This is a nod to the real life Novella by the same name, written by Franz Kafka.
  • According to Dead Space: Ignition, there is another school located in the Inverted City.
  • While passing through, you see four windows making a quadrilateral. The colors used are red, green, yellow, and blue. The shape and placement of colors make up the logo for Windows.
  • According to an (unknown) Dead Space 2 developer, the sun pop-out on the stage was almost cut from the game.
  • There are several drawn pictures seen throughout the school that appear to be Slashers.