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Titan Heights is an apartment complex in Titan Station. Many Monk Slashers appear at the subway area of the complex.


By the time Isaac arrived, the complex had already been infested with Necromorphs. The buildings of the complex are heavily damaged, suffering power malfunctions, loss of gravity, and uncontrollable fires.


  • It seems that this was one of the last areas of the Sprawl to be infected by the Necromorphs, as there are many survivors left that seem to have just encountered the Necromorphs.
  • Isaac is acknowledged by one survivor, seeking help but was stabbed violently by a Slasher right after.
  • This area is the second live encounter with Nolan Stross.
  • On other balconies survivors can be seen being chased by Pukers and Slashers.
  • A Leaper can be seen climbing on a balcony on a lower level, opposite of Isaac before one climbs on the balcony he is at.