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"Trapped in the Titan Mines and surrounded by Necromorphs, Tiedemann's security forces attempt to stop the outbreak by constructing a Shockmine."
—Multiplayer objective.
Titan Mines area

Titan Mines is one of the seven multiplayer maps in Dead Space 2. The map is described to set in one of the CEC mining facilities on the cracked moon, Titan in the space station the Sprawl.


Titan Mines is set in one of the CEC mining facilities where a Security Team is sent in to find, construct and detonate a Shockpoint Bomb, thus stopping many Necromorphs from leaving the mines and attacking the Sprawl.

The Mines once again appeared in Dead Space 2: Severed where it served as a Single Player map and most areas are blocked off with the remains of an obvious battle. It is also the first place that Gabe Weller encountered the Twitcher.


  • Titan Mines was the map playable in the Dead Space 2 Multiplayer Beta available on the PS3.
  • The Titan Mines have many high ledges that are perfect for long range Necromorphs like the Lurker and Spitter.
  • If you listen very carefully during multiplayer when playing as a Necromorph in Titan Mines, you can hear a distorted voice commanding the Necromorphs. Whether it is one of the Brethren Moons or just a pawn under their command is unknown, however.