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Titan Station Church Sisters

The entrance to the Church, showing "The Sisters" - the two female figures that embody the beliefs of the Unitologists.[1]

"Growing from a small group of devout miners on Titan, the Titan Station Church of Unitology has flourished into a hub of Unitology worship, practice and learning. It boasts one of the largest and most beautiful Churches in the Sol system and is often the site of the annual Unitology Enigma Symposium."
—Unitology Guide

The Titan Station Church of Unitology was a chapel devoted to Unitology located on the Sprawl.


DS2 Dead Enigmas Make Us Whole

Unitologist Enigmas commit suicide during the Necromorph outbreak.

In 2511, following the Necromorph outbreak on Titan Station, the church became infested with the creatures and was one of the places Isaac Clarke was forced to go through to reach Daina Le Guin. A female Tripod was encountered here.

Many devoted Unitologists were worshiping there at the time of the outbreak; several of them committed suicide and were subsequently turned into Necromorphs.