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Overview of the Transport Hub.

The Transport Hub is the main public transportation hub of The Sprawl that Isaac Clarke used to reach the Government Sector along with Ellie Langford and Nolan Stross.


In the hub, there is a CEC Historical Museum, a few advertisement posters such as "There's always Peng!", and the CEC Sector. During the outbreak, Director Tiedemann turns off the power and life support to kill Isaac and Stross, Isaac powers up the Solar Array to power up the Transport Hub, so they can reach the Government Sector and destroy the Marker.


  • There is a mannequin wearing a Vintage Suit in the showcase of the CEC museum.
  • There is an advertisement of Skate 3000, most likely included because Skate 3 included Isaac as a playable character.
  • The player's first complete Brute battle in Dead Space 2 is fought here.