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Travis Marshall
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2334 (According To Logs)

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Sprawl Security & EarthGov


Dead Space 2-3: History Edit

Corporal, Travis Marshall, is security officer, at the station, And even is find in Various Posters all around, Titan Station, Including The Concourse, Titan Heights, And sometimes the Titan Memorial Medical Center, where Officer. Trevor is stationed. And even in the Government Sector. He is never seen in-Person by only seen-On Poster. Logs: He moved to New Horizons from being discharged from the Titan Station Security Force And EarthGov. in Luna, For The New Horizons Security Force, in 2315.

Dead Space 2-3: Trivia Edit

  • He is also working for The Earth Government. As a Model in the Posters.
  • He Also works for the Titan Station Security Force, As not Mistaken.
  • His Name, "Travis Marshall" was Never mentioned or seen in-Game, But in Dead Space 2: Severed, It Was Revealed by his name.
  • He Appears to be, in His late 40's, (Due to his hair-color).
  • Strangely, According to the logs, He was Killed By Unitologists in 2334, and was in the New Horizons Lunar Colony (Where Isaac Clarke and Ellie Langford lived on), then where The Circle where invading it in 2514, If this was True, he would be mentioned in Dead Space 3.

Dead Space 2-3: See Also Edit

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