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The Triage Suit is one of the DLC suits obtained with the Hazard DLC along with the Shockpoint Advanced Suit and the Hazard Engineering Suit
As a DLC suit, it costs 0 Credits and is available in any Store.


It is a palette swap of the Security Suit but has a red underlayer, with white and Gray armour plating. The shoulder plates and back of the helmet bears the words ODE, 27, and a semi-circled A. It is probably a combat medic armour as it features a medical red cross on its plates.


It provides 15% damage protection and 15 inventory slots, making it ideal for a head start in the campaign. Its special function is a 5% increase in stasis duration. As it was speculated to be a combat medic's armor, the augmented stasis duration is likely for emergency deployment during combat, where fatal injuries happens quickly and reaction time is limited. A stasised patient/soldier experiences slower bodily functions or limited progression of shock, infection and blood loss, etc...thus allowing doctors to treat them without danger of patient death.


  • Triage is a term used to describe the method of selecting who will be treated based on their injuries. The more severe the injury, the higher the priority to treat the patient. Triage is also the stage where patients who are too far gone to save are identified so people with better chances of survival can be treated instead.
  • The Triage Security Suit comes with a matching Triage Javelin Gun.
  • It's colour scheme and armour plates are very similar to the appearance of Ratchet from the various Transformers continuities.
  • It resembles the suit  Isabel Cho wore when she found the Marker fragment on Aegis VII in Dead Space: Aftermath. 



Dead Space 2 - Triage Suit

Isaac putting on the Triage Security Suit