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Tungsten is a resource in Dead Space 3. It is the rarest of resources, and is used for crafting and upgrading many items, including weapon parts.

It is also used for crafting Torque Bars, which allow access to certain closed doors with many items inside (similar to using Power Nodes to access supply rooms in Dead Space and Dead Space 2).


  • As well as unlocking the "Under a Buck" Achievement/Trophy, shooting the deer trophy in the Admiral's Quarters in "Chapter 4: History's Ember" also yields a small amount of Tungsten – most likely the first Tungsten the player will get.
  • There may be a reason why this particular resource is so rare. It has been stated throughout the franchise that humanity is running incredibly low on resources, prompting Planet Cracking. As a natural resource, tungsten would be very hard to mass-produce, in contrast to a resource like Somatic Gel, which can be mass-produced to yield a large amount.
  • Tungsten is a very strong, very dense heavy weight metal with high temperature and electrical resistance.