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"Your engineering skills make you perfect for this task, but you're still a new convert to Unitology. Relax, and have faith. All I can tell you is that, after today... the government will no longer stand in the way of the Church."
—Tyler Radikov to Karrie Norton as she unwittingly unleashes the Necromorphs on the Sprawl.[1]

Tyler Radikov was a Unitologist who aided and manipulated Karrie Norton during her sabotage of the Government Sector on Titan Station.


Though very little was known about Tyler's life, he mentioned that he was born on Mars and thought little about its living conditions.

Titan Station Outbreak[]

"Okay, you're in position. Remember, your codename is Vandal. Under no circumstances tell anyone your real name, understand? Your voice filter will keep you anonymous if you meet anyone."
—Tyler Radikov to Karrie Norton.[1]

Tyler and Daina Le Guin were among the Unitologists who participated in the sabotage of the Government Sector[2] and the provision of false information to a recent Unitologist inductee, Karrie Norton (codenamed "Vandal"). Tyler purposely tricked Vandal into performing tasks that, unknown to her, aided in the spread of the Necromorph infection upon Titan Station's different sectors.

Some of the tasks that Tyler had Vandal do included sabotaging the power boxes to cut communications off and unlocking the doors to the different sectors. Tyler promised to walk Vandal through her mission "every step of the way" before he was "cut off" from Vandal when she was on the tram to the Crossover Tube. After Vandal realized she had been manipulated by the Church into unleashing the Necromorphs, Tyler regained communications in time to tell her that he knew nothing about the Church's plans and wished to help her escape. Convinced, Vandal accepted Tyler's help.

It is unknown where exactly Tyler was during the outbreak, though he took credit for leaving supplies in Vandal's path in the form of Power Nodes and credits, and he appeared to have encountered some Necromorphs, as he gave Vandal tips during some of her battles. When she came across her first Brute, Tyler told her that he had already encountered one and gave her a description of its front armor, telling her to aim for its weak spot on the back. However, Tyler did not seem to be affected by the dementia brought by the Site 12 Marker to the same extent as Vandal. He dismissed Vandal's dementia, claiming that she was being "hysterical" and that she should focus on the mission.

A notable trait that Tyler carried as a character was his direct sense of humor. When he was in the process of unlocking a door that was impeding Vandal's objectives, he lied to Vandal, telling her that she would need to take an alternate route. He went into detail, telling Vandal how many meters she must trek. At her apparent disbelief, he simply told her that he was "screwing with her" before opening the door to the next objective. At one interval during the incident, Tyler commented that he should have a nickname similar to "Vandal" and remarked that his should be "The Russian." When he was asked for an opinion, Vandal simply stated "I think you're crazy, but in a good way."

Tyler combated the efforts of Hans Tiedemann to aid Vandal in repairing the station, changing the coordinates to her locator to keep Vandal on track in sabotaging the station whenever the Tiedemann changed her course. He betrayed her a final time when he told her that shutting the power to the station's doors off would trigger the emergency quarantines and lock the doors between the sectors; in reality, the doors were jammed open, unleashing the Necromorphs on the Public Sector. He congratulated her in her efforts and told her that she would be remembered for her actions, reminding her that this was "the life beyond death" that they were all promised.

After Vandal's battle with the Necromorph overheating the reactor core, Tyler reported that the sabotage of Titan Station was successful and he was "coming home".


  • Andy Chanley provided the voice of Tyler in Dead Space (mobile). Chanley was also credited as an additional voice in Dead Space 2.
  • Tyler never made a physical appearance in Dead Space (mobile). He was only ever heard speaking with Vandal.